Win10 black screen with cursor

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Dell 5767 window 10 went dark with cursor

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Jul 28, 2017 at 04:34 PM
How long have you had the 10 loaded? If this is a new load, it may still be building itself. It took my PC about 4 days to become stable after loading in 10!
Win 10 came with the Dell had this since May. This happen out of nowhere it took several restart no luck. Finally went on line with my other laptop and found an article on how you can get back to window by shutting down remove the battery reinstall batt. back and push start button for 60 sec. and it came back on was very surprised that it worked. Did that reset everything? I don't know after that I proceeded to a virus scan and a system error scan nothing showed up. Hope to get some more info .from the community. thanks for responding. forgot to mention that Dell 5767 don't have a batt. compartment need to take the whole bottom part of the laptop lucky that I was able to do without doing this.
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Jul 28, 2017 at 07:17 PM
Thank you for the feedback. You wer bold to take the cover off, and remove the battery, we cannot encourage this without an ESD (electro sensitive device) strap! Let me try to explain what happened.

You removed all transient power from the PC registers, and set them all back to 0 (the simplest way to explain it). Sometime, what happens, is the charger/converter will also need to be reset, as it finds itself in a capacitance loop, and cannot get power into the PC. So, some may find that just a battery removal will not clear it all, but will need to perform both of these tasks.

Keep your device as cool as you can, and try to keep the updates as recent as possible.