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  • Disabled account more than 35 days Solved/Closed

    Hello, My 10 years old fb account got disabled 35 days ago. I have submitted an appeal 32 days ago. After submitting an appeal facebook replied me...

    sohan0090 | Facebook | Latest reply: sohan0090 May 14, 2018
    10 replies
  • How to change from Google.xx to Solved/Closed

    Hello, I have a new laptop bought on the USA but I am living in Spain at the moment. When I type to use google to perform a searc...

    Urederra | Google | Latest reply: ongodandsoulmates May 11, 2018
    37 replies
  • Facebook account hacked Solved/Closed

    Hello, My account was hacked last night and they changed my login and password before I knew it. I tried to change the password, but it wouldn't le...

    Char | Facebook | Latest reply: TyT May 10, 2018
    2 replies
  • No sound from web browser Solved/Closed

    Hello, okay, it just happened today, the sound from my pc works fine; I can hear my music, videos, etc. but when it comes to browsing on the int...

  • Cannot open YouTube Solved/Closed

    Hello, I am not able to open Youtube site from the IE as well as Google crome, I get the error as page cannot be displayed, I have a wireless router ...

    patty | YouTube | Latest reply: nn Apr 28, 2018
    14 replies
  • Forgot my password Solved/Closed

    I forgot my email pass & email recovery password . Can i get my acc back ?

    Iyaz | Google | Latest reply: ac3mark Apr 23, 2018
    6 replies
  • Forgot my Gmail pass Solved/Closed

    I forgot my gmail pass and my recovery gmail pass Can i get my gmail back ?

    Nyzzqwm | Google | Latest reply: ac3mark Apr 23, 2018
    3 replies
  • My Facebook account was locked Solved/Closed

    Hello, My Facebook account was locked so. ..When I opend it .It shows another one...Plz I want my facebook account System Configuration: Andro...

    SavithaMaryA... | Facebook | Latest reply: Sourisverte2 Apr 11, 2018
    1 reply
  • Delete fake Facebook account Solved/Closed

    Hello, Hi sir some bady used my wife photo and created one facebook login that"pushpa.lenja" plz.. delete dat facebook System Configuration: An...

    Mohankori | Facebook | Latest reply: Ambucias Apr 10, 2018
    5 replies
  • My account is logged out of Facebook as a security precaution. Solved/Closed

    My account is logged out of Facebook as a security precaution 3 days ago.I known it's active in 3 days. But it's not active or review. So I need urgen...

    Mohammadullah32 | Facebook | Latest reply: Tj65431 Apr 2, 2018
    3 replies
  • How to identify Solved/Closed

    Hw to do identity? System Configuration: Android / Chrome 65.0.3325.109

    Astropropty | Facebook | Latest reply: Astropropty Apr 2, 2018
    0 replies
  • Browsers can't connect to websites Solved/Closed

    Hello, Recently, my area had a wind storm, and I lost power for nearly a week. The power is back on now and it seems my computer is not able to brows...

  • Facebook account disabled Solved/Closed

    Hello, my Facebook account is disabled. It wants me to contirm my identity, but when i do that it says it is disabled. I can appeal the discussion, bu...

    Faithanne2 | Facebook | Latest reply: Ambucias Mar 31, 2018
    1 reply
  • Confirm my identity on Facebook Solved/Closed

    Hello, i need to a identity for my fb acct. System Configuration: Android / Chrome 65.0.3325.109

    Astropropty | Facebook | Latest reply: Helgum Mar 29, 2018
    2 replies
  • "Certificate error; Navigation blocked" Solved/Closed

    I have faced a problem here on my laptop whereby it says "certificate error; Navigation blocked" this happens when I log into my wi-fi address using "...

  • Facebook account disabled Solved/Closed

    Hello, i am john stephen since one week now my facebook has been disabled just for no reasons,pls help me to get it soved,my sincere regards,john ste...

    johnstephen | Facebook | Latest reply: Ambucias Mar 23, 2018
    2 replies
  • Facebook login approval code problem Solved

    Hello, My Facebook login approval has not been received. How to recover the login approval code?

    ImrulKayesAjmin | Facebook | Latest reply: Ambucias Mar 13, 2018
    1 reply
  • How to connect Yahoo mail with Facebook account. Solved/Closed

    how to connect yahoo with Facebook account. Please help !!!

    mardix | Facebook | Latest reply: Ambucias Mar 11, 2018
    1 reply
  • Confirmation code of Facebook Solved/Closed

    Hello, pls help me to find my confirmation code in facebook System Configuration: Windows 7 / Internet Explorer 8.0

    chris | Facebook | Latest reply: Limuel Mar 8, 2018
    3 replies
  • Internet is acting, strange... Solved/Closed

    Alright, I am connected to the internet, but it says no internet connection. I cannot access the internet in any browser. I can however still access t...

  • How to recover my Facebook account Solved/Closed

    Hello, my account has been disabled,i wanna reactivate it.please tell me how to do it? System Configuration: Windows XP / Safari 533.4

    dhana | Facebook | Latest reply: Zhaiferrer Feb 20, 2018
    2 replies
  • Facebook account disabled already sent an appeal Solved/Closed

    Hello, Sir, my account is disabled please help me how to enable my account. Configuration: Configuration: iPhone / Safari 10.0

    Rishabh khemka | Facebook | Latest reply: Wasifabbas Feb 18, 2018
    14 replies
  • Facebook login problem reviewing these additional documents Solved/Closed

    Hello, when I sign in in my facebook after of writing of username and password then write this massage Unfortunately, you won't be able to access ...

    Srinivas | Facebook | Latest reply: 9155456010 Feb 17, 2018
    6 replies
  • How to get my photos on Orkut Solved/Closed

    Hello, How to get my photos from Orkut?

  • How to delete hacked Facebook account Solved/Closed

    Hello, I am having problems with my account was hacked a few days ago and has been trouble since then. I just want to delete my old account and st...

    Bcrane | Facebook | Latest reply: Ambucias Feb 14, 2018
    1 reply
  • Facebook account is in Japanese now Solved/Closed

    Hi. I accidentally changed the language on Facebook from English to Japanese. I don't understand what symbols are used for the word language so I can ...

    Spicypal | Facebook | Latest reply: Spicypal Feb 12, 2018
    4 replies
  • Recover one year old deleted emails Solved/Closed

    Unfortunately i deleted my mail one year ago it is very important msg from medical council of india please help me how i get??

    Harsha1122 | Google | Latest reply: Ambucias Feb 11, 2018
    1 reply
  • MSN key ports problem Solved/Closed

    Hello, last night I tried to download the newest version of MSN, when it had all been downloaded I went to go on it and then it comes up as trouble s...

  • Unable to confirm my identity on Messenger Solved/Closed

    Hello, I have same case before a week ago.n still it's bothering me a lot. I keep entering my user name n password correct.. after it tells confirm ...

    Dipenshrest | Facebook | Latest reply: Ambucias Feb 5, 2018
    1 reply
  • Facebook disabled reviewing additional documents Solved/Closed

    Hello sir, Unfortunately, you won't be able to access your account while we're reviewing these additional documents. We appreciate your patience, a...

    Ishan123 | Facebook | Latest reply: Ambucias Feb 1, 2018
    14 replies
  • Internet Explorer blocked by firewall! Solved/Closed

    Hi, I am currently at breaking point after spending 4 hours today trying to sort out my computer. My problem is that I cannot use internet explorer 7...

  • How to create a new Facebook account Solved/Closed

    Hello, I want to create a new facebook account System Configuration: Windows / Mozilla 11.0

    sakhil | Facebook | Latest reply: AminuAbdulazizkanya Jan 29, 2018
    5 replies
  • Downloading whatsapp Solved/Closed

    Hi, pls how do I download whatsapp in my phone GT-S3332 Thanks. kizito

    bazil kizito | Downloading | Latest reply: MHemanthvasu Jan 28, 2018
    2 replies
  • Enable my Facebook account Solved/Closed

    Hello admin, my Facebook account has been disable for security reason, when I tries to log in it replies_;thanks for sending your photos,we'll got in ...

    Chupzsdean | Facebook | Latest reply: zmijevski Jan 25, 2018
    3 replies
  • Can't access Facebook, tried to change my name Solved/Closed

    Hello, System Configuration: Android / Chrome 52.0.2743.98 Hi there, i have had this facebook account for a long time, i recently changed my ...

    Sajalsirfapka | Facebook | Latest reply: Ambucias Jan 23, 2018
    1 reply
  • Why can't I access my Facebook even my friends can't see it Solved/Closed

    Why can't I access my Facebook even my friends can't see it.. Its always saying

    Quang14 | Facebook | Latest reply: Ambucias Jan 22, 2018
    1 reply
  • I can't get my Facebook account back Solved/Closed

    Hello, I can't recover my account .when I put my information there is a message appeared that your account is locked due to some issues you need t...

    sania mirza | Facebook | Latest reply: Ambucias Jan 16, 2018
    8 replies
  • Can not browse. Solved/Closed

    Hello, I have a very odd problem, I have a laptop and in the last few weeks it started to work incorrectly.I can't browse the internet in programs ...

  • Facebook account has been disabled I want it back Solved/Closed

    Hello, I am submitted . Please give me my Facebook I'd. System Configuration: Android / Chrome 56.0.2924.87

    mehedihasan | Facebook | Latest reply: KoyinThargee Jan 12, 2018
    7 replies
  • Not receiving password recovery emails/links from Facebook Solved/Closed

    Hello, I've the same problem numerous users seem to have and there does not appear to be a solution. I have followed all of the threads which wou...

    omm67 | Facebook | Latest reply: Ambucias Jan 9, 2018
    9 replies
  • Facebook disabled reviewing additional documents Solved/Closed

    Hello, Please open my account please sir this is my real name this is my real account System Configuration: Android / Chrome 57.0.2987.108

    Ali Ali | Facebook | Latest reply: Ambucias Jan 8, 2018
    3 replies
  • How to download Google Play Store Solved/Closed


    chirag@pankaj | Downloading | Latest reply: princess Jan 6, 2018
    2 replies
  • My bank account was frozen Solved/Closed

    Please my bank account was frozen is there any way I can have access to my money in side, since they have no intention unfrozen it for me. I am even ...

  • Can't access Microsoft's website! Solved/Closed

    Hello, Everytime I try going onto Microsoft's website, the page will not load or come up, instead I get a message reading "cannot connect to the s...

  • Server up address could not be found. Solved/Closed

    I can open YouTube and Google, but when I select from search options or directly type web address.

  • Facebook confirmation code Solved/Closed

    Hello, what is my confirmation code?Configuration: Windows Vista Internet Explorer 7.0

    ksmith | Facebook | Latest reply: Syed Rizwan Ali Shah Dec 27, 2017
    4 replies
  • Captcha not showing up Solved/Closed

    Hello, suddenly I cannot log in to sites which uses 'I am not a bot' verification cause the captcha does not show up. Happening with all browsers. Kin...

  • How to change Yahoo mail password? Solved/Closed

    Pleas help, How to Change Yahoo Mail Password? Thanks

  • Can I login into my Orkut account Solved/Closed

    Hello, Respected Sir/Madam, How can i login into my orkut account... here no ikon is showing in google... i need some information from orkut w...

  • Cox Com no internet connection Solved/Closed

    Cox Comm. Installed the internet but in unable to connect. It keeps giving me a yellow !. Cox also installed a home phone line however I do not even h...