IE 8 cannot access any internet web pages

 Ramrod -
Hello, I'm having a problem gaining access to the internet with IE, cannot up date avg 8 for virus protection. I can still go on line through Google Chrome and I'm receiving my e-mail but whenever I try to go on line through IE, I get a message saying cannot access this web page, my anti virus is well out of date. Is there some other way to update the AVG without going through IE ? I have tried down loading the update to my downloads but I don't know how to get it installed into the AVG, it says that it is a bin file, whatever that is . I have AVG 8 installed and I have IE 8 installed, my windows program is xp media addition sp3. I don't know much about computer ,only enough to get me in trouble. Has anyone had this problem ??? Help

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Try this, it worked for me:

Open IE
Tools tab > Internet Options > restore Adanced Settings and Reset Internet Explorer settings.
Restart IE.

Good Luck!
Thank you

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Thanks so much!! That worked!
Actually this worked for me :
Open IE
Tools tab > Internet Options > restore Adanced Settings and Reset Internet Explorer settings.
Restart IE.

Thank you .. I spent maybe 1 hour to find a solution and I got it here
well done
Tq, it helps...
Brilliant. Thanks. After many wasted hrs of guessing and asking experts you have give simple and effective advice.
Man...I gave up on ie8 18 months ago and downloaded chrome and Firefox! Your little answer there was the trick for me also...THANK YOU!
Simple solution to being unable to connect to http sites. Here is the whole story. Had a very nasty virus. rogue malware that says it is anti virus software and reports a virus on your computer and when you launch internet explorer you can only go to their website. Brings in a multitude of popups and contantly says you are being attaced by a virus and asks if you want to launch your antivirus software. Real bugger. Had to download Malwarebytes anti malware on a different computer attached to my network, then place it on a shared file on the network and bring it to the infected computer. Could only install and run in safe mode. It got rid of the virus but when I launched IE8 afterword I could only access https sites and not http sites. Was driving me crazy!! After a few frustrating hours trying to find a solution I was just getting ready to wipe and reinstall everything when I did one last check in the toos section of IE8 and noticed that the proxy box in the connections tab under LAN settings was checked. I unchecked it and checked the auto detect proxy box and my problem was solved. Apparently the virus must have check the proxy box and perhaps put its web address in and that was why I could only go to their web page. As I said, really nasty malware virus. Hope this helps someone.

Well, here's one that no one has documented anywhere - and it took me calling Microsoft Tech support to find out.

I upgraded to Windows 7 Ultimate x64 from Windows Vista Ultimate x64. IE 64 bit worked, but IE8 256-bit and Firefox both opened, but brought up blank tabs. I tried all the fixes recommended here and on other sites that popped up - nothing worked. So I called Microsoft for free installation support. Here is what worked:

1. right click on the cmd prompt and open as administrator
2. at the commend line type "netsh winsock reset"
3. Reboot.

This solved problems with both IE8 256-bit and Firefox 3.5.6

Hope this helps.

I have had this for Opera and IE
it didn't solve the problem for me~~~~~~~~

May the problem be related to Registry Error?
Arthur - this worked perfectly thank you

this fixed my IE8 problem. The problem I encountered was that in IE8 after the McAfee upgrade I received on 5/7/2010 was that I could not go to pages that were just HTTP, only HTTPS sites. I am on XP SP3. The "netsh winsock reset" command fixed the problem after I rebooted. I tried resetting all the settings in IE and turning most of McAfee off but nothing worked until I reset winsock.

i tried this as a last resort because nothing else seemed to work.
i should've done it first.
thanks SO MUCH!!! :)
um, not to be a prick, but I believe you mean 32-bit... there is no 256-bit programs or operating systems, only 32-bit (x86) and 64-bit (x64).

anyhow this might could work to fix this laptops internet issues, thanks for posting it.
James probably meant this because reseting Advanced settings is not fundamental enough:
Open IE
Tools tab > Internet Options > Advanced > Click Reset...
Restart IE.

Other options are:
1) Uninstall the Network adapter
Open Device Manager > Expand Network Adapter > Right Click on your internet network adapter and Uninstall
If it doesn't work, try it again and then reinstall the driver. You may have to get the new driver from the device website.

2) Winsock and Tcp/Ip Fix
Start > Run > Type CMD > Type the following:
Reset TCP/IP stack to installation defaults, type: netsh int ip reset reset.log
Press Enter > Type the following:
Reset WINSOCK entries to installation defaults, type: netsh winsock reset catalog
Push Enter

3) Run sfc /scannow
Insert your XP disc
Start > Run > Type CMD > Type the following:
sfc /scannow
On my vista laptop option states reset is not recognised as an internal or external command
> Charlie
Make sure you are the administrator and/or run cmd as admin.

For vista: Click start > type in search bar: cmd > right click on cmd at the top of the results > click run as administrator > then try running your commands
I ha similar problem with ie8 in windows 7. ie 8 intially used to open webpages but after sometime suddenly it used to blankout.I checked my internet connection---it was fine. I tried to follow all your methods but still it used to repeat. I have hp desktop 8180 model. Itried to install firefox and goole chrome but whatever browser I used, the Problem repeated. The only way to get my web browser working again is to reboot my pc.Hp support site has no updates for windows 7. So a few days ago I happened to download and install the following upgrades for windows 7(directly from their respective websites): intel chipset driver for windows 7, Nvidia graphic driver update for windows 7, and ralink wireless usb and wired driver software update for windows 7. To my surprise all my browser problems disappeared. No more ie 8 blankouts.
after spending 1/2 the am trying to figure this out I found your post and the first solution you posted worked for me. I had booted up in safe mode to remove a trojan horse and IE was affected. Thank you so much.
my IE 8 does not respond.. but firefox works how can I fix it?

I noticed IE 8 doing something similar on one of our network computers the other day. Try going into your control panel, clicking on network connections. Then right click local area connection. In the next menu, scroll down to TCP/IP and right click it. Go to properties and make sure that obtain an IP address automatically is checked. For some screwy reason when I installed IE 8 on a computer, it went and changed these settings, thus the inability to connect through any browser whatsoever even though the network was still functioning.

Hope this helps!
ie8 is suck
i did removed it from my computer

ive the same problem, infortunly for me didnt work.
ipv4 and ipv6 checked and obtaining auto ip

more ideas are welcome
I am still having this issues and my connection is fine. I have a connection to the network and able to ping microsoft and everything else on the internet, but when I try to open IE8 it does not work. This I have to say is the worst IE that microsoft has ever released. I think they should taken the time to debug their code, before pushing it out to all Microsoft computers like it's a nessecary download.

Anyone else have information on why IE8 is the only thing that does not work?

There is no firewall connections, I am not sure what toolbar programs where installed with 6/7. It could be something with these old toolbars, but then why is there more than a few people getting this problem.

I have ran 4 different virus programs, they seem to update and access the internet just fine. I can use firefox and opera without issues.
Thank you, thank you, thank you! I can't believe it was as simple as that. I have a new netbook and as soon as I was wireless it picked up the ie8 update, then wouldn't work after the restart. The tcp/ip fix was the one I needed!
Thanks for your post, cuz I tried everthing else on this forum (just about) and yours almost hit the nail on the head for me. Instead of the IP address needing to be checked for automatically obtaining the ip ( in the TCP/IP properties of local area connection properties), the problem was that the DNS server address was set for a specific DNS address instead of finding one automatically. When I changed it to automatic, presto, my pain is gone and I can use the internet again.
I work for Dell "Your Tech Team" (Advanced / Premium consumer support) and came to this forum in hopes to find the resoultion on the problem in this subject. The recomendations on this forum were very helpful so I'd like to sumerize the logical items that should be done when one experiances this problem.

(Vista / Windows 7 - this summer is designed for people that have an intermediate understanding of the OS)

Going to try to list things in a logical order here from simplest first

* Check your network activity in the Network and Sharing Center - verify network connection is on

* Make sure the "work offline" is not checked in Tools menu or the registry is not set to work offline

* Disable all firewall software or manually add exceptions for Internet Explorer
* Verify IP address is appropriate and is set to recive an IP address automatically (

* Check Device Manager for conflics and errors (specifically under Network Adaptors)

* Reset Internet Explorer settings (

* Reset / Rebuild TCP/IP and Winsock library.
( - TCP/IP reset
( - Winsock reset

* Run a System File Check for corrupted OS files

* Uninstall ALL recent updates

* In safe mode run all malware / spyware / anti-virus scans possible
> PC-Mat
Thanks for the suggestion, Matt. She has Google Chrome and that doesn't connect either. I have a good connection as I can see that through multiple areas (IE indicates the internet connection is good; she has both Skype and MS Groove connected; Outlook is working). I'm guessing uninstalling the network controller and rebooting will bring up the new hardware found wizard upon reboot? Not sure how that will help since the network connection is good.
> Mark1958
After uninstalling the device and when you reboot, your computer will see the new hardware and reinstall the device to a "factory default", if you will. Give it a try and let me know how it goes.
> PC-Mat
I had the same issue. I just click tools internet options advanced reset internet explorer settings and everything works fine.
> garimix
Yes. He said he already tired that.
I had the same issues with ie 8 and google chrome. Doing the reset worked for me. Thank you so much
SOme people have had luck by disabling all of the plug-ins and IE would work. Then enable each plug-in one at a time until IE doesn't work and that's the problem. As for me, it does not work and I can't get online with it at all. Firefox works without a glitch. Only reason I have IE installed is so that I can get the updates from MS.
Open any folder say My Documents
In the address bar where you see My Documents type the URL address of any website.
It will open in Internet Explorer
Somehow this worked! Thank you Senator.
This problem drove me crazy. Go to Tools, Internet options, LAN settings and choose Automatically detect settings. Done deal....
My fix was to go to Internet Options, Connections tab. Select Lan Settings button.
Make sure that nothing is checked for proxy.
I'm having this problem right now. Firefox and all my other connections are working.. but IE 8 can't seem to connect to anything.
> anyJoeDoe
Thanks, that worked for me too, but not at first, as the proxy server setting would not stay unchecked., I noticed a little square in the address box , so I clicked on advanced and found a string of symbols and cleard them, then the proxy box stayed unchecked and all is well. This all started for me after installing an att and an option connection program for an Option LaptopConnect air card for my laptop
> anyJoeDoe
This worked prefectly. I was on the phone to Dell for 1/2 hour and then they wanted $129.00 to repair the problem. I don't know what brand of computer I will buy next, but it will not be Dell!!
> anyJoeDoe
Thanks a lot. It works.
> anyJoeDoe
KUDOS to you. As everyone else, a virus got thru and I had trouble with IE8. Your fix was simple and quick.
> anyJoeDoe
Hi, Your simple instructions helped me restore internet connection again and thank you so much for the good advice. I did everything for hours here without any success and I am back again online ..

U. Munidasa

Sri Lanka
Found a simple solution:
Control Panel
Add?Remove Programs
Select 'Add/Remove Windows Components' on the left
Click 'Show Updates' on top
Remove all IE8 updates, starting at the bottom of the list
When all IE8 updates are removed, remove IE8
Everything works!

This is similar to the XP 'Upgrade' to Vista (lol)
Hello all,

I installed windows defender and it solved the problem after the first scan,

Trojen:Win32/Liften.B = C://WINDOWS/system32/NetFilter.exe
Trojen:Win32/Yektel.A = C://WINDOWS/system32/msxmlm.dll

i hope this helps
Installed Defender? You must be using XP.

You do make a good point... If you're computer is acting funny, run some anti-malware programs. Defender is good; AVG has anti-spyware and anti-virus... and Malwarebytes' Anti-Malware is great! All free, of course.
If you can't get on the internet, how did you install Windows Defender? It is only available at
> Saturn
It's not that the computer couldn't connect to the internet, but IE 8 could not access web pages. Also, you can download Defender on it's own with a working computer:

And install it on the problem computer.
I'm having the same problems as mentioned. But, none of these worked for mine. I'm still accessing my web on Mozilla 3.5. My newly installed Google Chrome doesn't work either.
If you have AVG paid or AVG free, did you try turning off the link scanner?
> anon
Running vista home premium, my problem was no page loading in all my browsers. I primarily use firefox and about 90 minutes after turning on or rebooting the pc, any page I try to reach or any link I click results in either loading... for a long time or an error message problem loading the page. I also have ie and recently chrome, both when I start the programs cannot even load their home pages, and give a cannot reach or cannot find the address error. While the browsers cannot connect, my network reports as connected to local and internet, I can see the other machines in the network and sharing center, I can ping my router,,, but browse to none of them. My network settings and connections settings are fine, I did once try to uninstall my network card and let it reinstall on the reboot, but 90 minutes later I was back to dead browsers. This problem begins after installing vista service pack 1, I have let it install through windows updates, and have tried by downloading the stand-alone package, I end up either uninstalling the service pack or reversing it by system restore. Because the service pack is supposed to have all these fixes and patches and security improvements, I thought I should have it, but on my pc it should be called sabotage pack. I have asked other computer people and the repair staff at various computer stores, but no one else seems to have encountered this problem. If anyone knows anything, I would like to have the sp installed, as long as it does not require me to reboot 6x a day.
> irritated
I have this same problem.

It started when I was infected with one of those fake virus scanner programs - XP Defender 2010 (av.exe).

I was able to prevent it from fully installing.

I ran several malware removal tools and the EXE's didn't work.

I fixed the EXE'.s and almost everything is fine. I can send/receive email and connect via FTP.

But, FireFox, Chrome, & IE8 do not work.

Firefox process starts but no window ever appears.

Chrome starts and opens a window, but can't go to any websites.

IE does the same thing as Chrome, except I can't shut it down by clicking the "X" in the corner, I need to shut the process down in Windows Task Manager.
> Dave Stewart

I've tried dozens of recommendations from all over the Net, including yours...

I've rebooted after each and tested my browsers.

I ran your 3rd recommendation,

3) Start > Run > Type CMD > Type the following:
sfc /scannow

And that seems to have done the trick... at least for FireFox (my main browser) and IE8.

Not sure why Chrome isn't working, but I'll try to re-re-install.
> Dave Stewart
Hi Dave,

I know you cannot see the internet through an internet browser, but are you able to get on the internet? What I mean is, you should be able to update your anti-virus program even though you cannot see the internet. Can you update it?

Also, what OS are you using?

Try the following:

1) Download the Smitfraudfix and read the page and run the program:


2) Uninstall the Network adapter
Open Device Manager > Expand Network Adapter > Right Click on your internet network adapter and Uninstall
If it doesn't work, try it again and then reinstall the driver. You may have to get the new driver from the device website.


3) Winsock and Tcp/Ip Fix
Start > Run > Type CMD > Type the following:
Reset TCP/IP stack to installation defaults, type: netsh int ip reset reset.log
Press Enter > Type the following:
Reset WINSOCK entries to installation defaults, type: netsh winsock reset catalog
Push Enter
I had the problem of IE8 not accessing most web pages too- also, on the pages it did reach, none of the buttons on the page worked.
It turned out to be Microsoft's new security rules for IE8!
Basically you are not allowed to go to any web page you want to! ...and you are not allowed to use any feature on the page.

I had to add EVERY site I visited to the trusted site list in tools >internet options, otherwise it would not work .

I agree IE8 sucks.
In other browsers you simply type in th eurl and it goes trhere--- AND the page works- buttons and links too.

Isn't that what a browser is supposed to do? to actually do what you want?
I was facing similar problem after I switched from Norton Antivirus to BitDefender and simultaneously installed IE 8. I tried all the techniques mentioned on this thread for last 8 hours but no luck. I even installed firefox and tried connecting through that. But again, the same message. Finally, on some other forum, I came to know about the Norton Software Removal tool. I downloaded it through other machine and ran on this machine. Bingo ; things started working immediately after the reboot.

I think the problem was because Norton did not get removed completely from the system and it was causing the browsers to malfunction. So if you have recently switched the antivirus; make sure that you uninstall earlier one completely. BTW, after loading firefox; I realized it being definitely better than IE and have made that as my default browser :) Never realized the great progress made by Mozilla post NetScape era.
Unchecking the "Automatically detect settings" in the LAN settings button on the Connections tab of the Internet Explorer options worked for me.
I had the same problem. What I did was I went into firefox and enabled it as my main browser so when things try and update or connect to the internet it uses firefox to do it therefore IE can be as messed up as it wants but Firefox will still connect.

well this might be completely idiotic of me. I couldn't connect via ie8. I googled and found this site. none of the options worked... then I realized that "work offline" was selected in the "file" menu.

(i normally use a mac, and there is no absolutely pointless option on a mac)

why do they even have that button? how completely useless. anyway, you may want to look at that if nothing else has worked.