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Conwert to digital edition to pdf file

Hello, i hava a problem of how to convert to adobe digital edition to pdf or word file please give me a reply urgent where i will get that softwer ...

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Help me pdf or book


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jasem kadkhoadaee

Unable to open pdf attachment

Hello, I am Unable to open PDF Attachment in Internet Explorer. When I Click on it to open a message appear. i.e. "There was an error opening this...

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Photoshop saving as pdf when i don't want it

Hello, This is probably very obvious but can't work it out. Have recently got CS3, was working on ID earlier and exported my document as a PDF (th...

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Can't get adobe flash reader

Hello, I've been having trouble getting the adobe flash reader on my nintindo dsi system it always says 300020:File fomat application/octet-str...

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Micro max q3 pdf reader software link

Hello, I have micro max Q3 mobile. i want PDF reader for this mobile. please send me the link of adobe reader for micro max q3. Configuration: ...

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Can't open pdf file attachement

Hello, This is stated as the reason a file can't be opened...."This file does not have a program associated with it for performing this action. Creat...

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Can't read pdf attachment on my windows email

Plz help...everytime I get an email with an attachment as pdf, it always opens in windows media player & it says it cannot play the file & that player...

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Pdf link in email cannot click on

help! urgent! i have a pdf file sent to me through email that i cannot even click on, its plain text! i need this for an interview monday. what i can ...

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Link to page 2 of pdf file as hyperlink from

I want to display page 2 of a .pdf file from a hyperlink in excel can I ?or must it be whole document? Configuration: Windows XP / Fire...

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Can i burn .pdf files to a dvd r/dvd rw


Hello, can I burn .pdf files unto a dvd r/dvd rw disc? if anyone can please help me as its very important? thanks, jenna

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Photo image disappears in pdf file

Hi, When I add a photo image to a word document and do save as PDF, instead of photo image I get gray box. What do I need to change to make the phot...

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Unable to view pdf

I using mimx q5 mobile. but i cant view the pdf, and word, excel sheets through email system.

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Adobe reader 8 installer information

Dear all, When I open PDF file then some error occurred. Like....... "Error 1406.Could not write value Content Type to key \.rmj. Verify that you ...

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Pdf format

hi guys i run on adobe but a company i do work with run on pdf so when i send them an attachment they cant open it they asked me to change it to a p...

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Convert active excel wksht to pdf file


Hello, I'm trying to figure out how to create a macro to save an range selected in an active worksheet and save to a pdf file by clicking an inserted...

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Pdf reader problems

Hello, How can I see PDF files on samsung e1410 If anybody knows please mail me at

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Problem with adobe files (.pdf)

Hello, 1. I have aproblem with opening of pdf files. i have tried opening with right click, open with method. also from control panel choose soft...

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Opening pdf file in windows outlook

Hello, When I try to open an attachment in windows outlook it wont let me stating " I do not have associated programme" can you assist

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Help with my pdf docs

Hello, Please help, When I open my PDF Docs it opens in Word and its unreadable

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Which pdf software have you ever used?

Supposed that most of us have ever used PDF tools more or less, why not show them and share with us?

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Adobe acrobat 9 help please!!

Hello, Can you guys help me figure out how to condense a pdf file using Adobe Acrobat 9 Standard please!!

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I receive pdf files but can't open them.


Hello, I have windows XP and when I receive an e-mail with a PDF file attached I try to open it and all I get is grafeate. Is it the Windows XP th...

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Nee help with adobe reader

Hello, Good afternoon, my adobe reader will not let me print any documents. Please help. Helen

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Cant print to pdf - ms access

Hello, I have recently changed to a new laptop running Windows 7. My original laptop had vista. Both run Office 2007. (Not sure if the old laptop ...

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Transferring pdf from pc to iphone

Is there no other way to transfer PDF from a PC to iPhone then by wi-fi? I really want to be able to read books and school related PDF's on my iPhone,...

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Excel sheet converted to pdf loses hyperlinks

Hello, I have a spreadsheet in Excel with hundreds of hyperlinks which work fine but when I convert the file to PDF I loose the hyperlink connectivit...

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Help - burn .pdf files to dvd+r?

Hello, Is there an easy, free method to copy some .pdf files to a DVD+R with my Dell Inspiron? I am unable to do this as I would to a CD - Than...

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Pdf attachement have been not attached

Hello, I am using the ms office 2007. I attached sharing pdf file so one error has occurd

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A problem with adobe flash reader

Hello, i have the same problem that i can't install adobe flash player.. each time i try i get an error msg that asks me to open a link where i could...

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Application for open pdf files

Hello, please help how i can download free applications to open my pdf files with my phone 5800 XM, thanx

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Cant install acrobat reader

Hello, I tried to install acrobat reader and it keeps saying"The feature that you are trying to use is on a network resourse thats not available" I t...

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Adobe reader 8

Hello, ive downloaded adobe reader 8 and its not working plz help ???

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Write and create a pdf file from a document

Hello everyone, In my project i have a problem. I want to read a text file(.doc,.xls,.txt) and then create & write a pdf file from that file in as...

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How i convert a visual foxpro table to a pdf

Hello, i have a table in visual foxpro and i want to change that table in pdf file though code behind a button on a form. plz help me to do that:(

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How to convert a hpg document into pdf?

Hello, Hi guys, I need to convert a HPG document into PDF format. Can someone help me?

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Patrick Taylor

Open pdf

Hello, When I try to open pdf files in Outlook 2003 the files try to open in Word I have no cluewhat to do please help Ray

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Something wrong with my .pdf extensions

Hello, I tried Acrobat Pro for a month and decided against buying it. Anyway, ever since I tried/uninstalled it, I noticed that all my saved PDF icons...

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Excel to pdf with autofilters

Hello, I'm using MS Excel 2007 and Adobe Acrobat 8. I need to convert an excel spreadsheet into PDF, but I would like the autofilters to remain swi...

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Pdf convertion


Hello, Do i require a specif program to convert word documents into Pdf?

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