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How to conver image to pdf file?


Hello, I want to send a File to my friend which in format of Images but Images are so large and my friend want it only the format of PDF File as h...

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Changes on a pdf document


Good morning Please can you advise how to make changes on a PDF document that was send to you via email need to change some text

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Help set up my browser

Hello, Is my bowser set up.with this yet? I want to start my blogging Job,please help. I have a Visual Land tablet.If that will help. Config...

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Foxit reader

Hello, how does the software works? Configuration: Windows 7 / Internet Explorer 9.0

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Hello, Thank you the community in this forum, this is my first day in this forum after joining. I am still learning and think will get the best out ...

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Zohaib R

Unable to download attachment

Unable to download flash drive, PDF and download attachments. Configuration: Windows 7 / Internet Explorer 9.0

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How to make foxit reader to read aloud just one paragraph?

Hello, I don't want it to read the entire page, just one paragraph at the time. Is that possible? Thanks Configuration: Windows 7 / Firefo...

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Zohaib R

Pdf to excel converter

Hello, Can someone help me in searching for a free software for pdf to excel converter. Thanks!

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Acrobat reader


Hello, pls send me acrobat software. Configuration: Windows XP / Internet Explorer 6.0

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Hyperlink of pdf files to excel

Hello, I created hyperlinks of around 100 pdf files which is inside a folder say "Reports" to an excel file. But now I need to change the folder nam...

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Read pdf on samsung

Hello, please help me how to open pdf on samsung E6112 Configuration: Windows 7 / Safari 535.19

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Pdf file convewrsion


I am having a similar problem to the one I have copied into the e mail below. It seems all of my adobe acrobat files have been converted word documen...

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Can not read pdf file


i can not read pdf file plz help

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Pdf attachment cant open in outlook2007

Hello, i cant open pdf attachment throw my outlook2007 but i can open same pdf attachment throw my iphone plz help me give solution.. Confi...

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Acrobat print,save,send buttons dont work


Hello, when a browser window opens a pdf file the print,save and send buttons are disabled except when using IE browser. What are the settings in I...

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Pdf reader for samsung gt-b3410

Hello, I use samsung gt-b3410 . I want to download pdf reader for my phone.. from where shall I get??.. pls help me with this... Configuration...

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Open pdf file using command buttong in excel


Hello, i have a form in excel which retrieves details of a user from one of the worksheet. against tht user row, there is a pdf file name which basic...

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Remove watermark/objects in pdf


Hello, I wanted to remove watermark/image like objects at particular portion of every page of a pdf. Can anyone please tell me which software app t...

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Pdf downloads but doesnt open well??

Hello, can you help me open my PDF cause my cousin send me an email and it has an attached file and when i download it its fine but when i open it ...

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Excel macro for creating pdf from mult. sheet

Hello, I need to create a macro that pulls data from two seperate workbooks, then prints them to pdf and combines them. Does anyone have any ide...

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Convert pdf to epub on my iphone


Hello! I would like to convert a PDF file to ePub format for reading it on an iPhone. Is there an online/desktop tool that will allow me to do that?...

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How to reduce the pdf file size 14mb to 533kb

Hello, I have a pdf file in 14 mb. I want reduce the size of pdf to 533 kb. If any have the answer plase let me know. Thanks. Configuration: ...

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Word with hyperlinks conversion to pdf


Hello, I would be grateful if anyone can help me solve this problem. I am trying to convert a word doc with hyperlinks into a PDF and the hyperli...

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Damaged pdf file


Hello, I have been working on a project in photoshop and today a file I have been saving as a PDF won't open, it says it is damaged, but it has bee...

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Adobe 5 forever

Acrobat reader free 9 version


Hello, Configuration: Windows XP / Firefox 5.0acrobat reader free 9version

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Adobe acrobat setup problems

Hello, during the setup of adobe acrobat, an error telling me that it could not connect to the server comes up. how do i fix this or what am i doing...

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Pdf size increase

Hello, I have donne what jfLawya said (using Adobe Proffesional) and my pdf has turned from 5 mb up to 9mb. It has increased!!! Could it be becaus...

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Pdf file reader on java phone

Hi, I need PDF file readers on my Nokia 3110c. I tried downloading a few. All of them are asking for the activation code. Please help me to sol...

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Pdf's opening in photoshop 4.0 & not adobe!


Hello, I recently installed Photoshop 4.0 and ever since I did, every time I try to open a PDF it no longer uses my Adobe 7.0, it now defaults to the...

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Cannot insert text in my pdf file

Hello, i got adobe reader and also its proffesional version. but when i open it with my proffesional one i can insert text in it but as it is ...

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Apprpriate pdf reader for micromax x550

Hello, 1- I have Micromax Qube X550, and I m looking for Pdf software to read pdf files in my mobile. I tried several jar files regarding to it...

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Adobe reader 9

Hello, already update adobe reader 9 still cannot watch video from youtube.

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How to install pdf reader in micromax q5fb mobile phone


Hello, Please tell me the steps on how to install pdf reader in my micromax q5fb mobile and how to store file in ebook and how to make use of it? ...

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Unable to open pdf files from hotmail inbox

Hello, I can no longer open pdf attachments from my Hotmail email account. Any suggestions as to how I can open them? Configuration: Windows...

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Explorer fails opening pdf

Hello, my explore shuts down whenever I try to open a pdf file online or from e-mail. If I save the pdf I can open it later through open file in adobe...

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Need pdf reader software for micromax q2+

Hello, I want to read pdf files from Micromax Q2+ mobile, for this where i can get software to support pdf file on mobile ? ...

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Pdf files

Hello, My PDF files are no more opening on the Acrobat Reader, it opens it with Microsoft Word and thens pop up a message that the file could not ...

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Excel pdf format


Hello, I have been able to convert word files into PDF files but is it also possible with Excel file. Thanks for any information from your part. ...

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Not able to open .pdf files


Hello, I am trying to open .pdf files and it is telling me to connect to internet for opening it. Is there any software that i need to download in...

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Word to pdf


Hello, I'm facing a serious problem while converting word document to PDF file. The main issue is the images with some text part. During convertio...

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Corby pdf viewer


Hello, from where do I download software for my corby to view pdf files?

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Pdf files problem

Hello, When I open the pdf files from the email and save it to the local disk, it saves in the word format. I have Adobe Reader installed as well. C...

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Excel formula - delete rom if not ".pdf"

Hello, I am having the most troubling of times trying to find the google answer to this question. I stumbled upon this forum and many of you seem...

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Adobe acrobat install

Hello, i am a student. i have to take notes of lessons from website,(PDF files)i already have a adobe reader version 9 . But it is not support some ...

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Pdf reader

Hello, I am trying to get the latest PDF Reader but the download do not start on Adobe's site. Where can i get it?

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Compress pdf file


Hello, i have documents which i scanned through my printer. They are in PDF format. I have only Adobe reader 9 reader. I need to compress my files ...

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Adding pdf files to iphone


Hello, I am new to using an Apple I phone. I am trying to send a pdf. doc to the iphone from my Windows Home XP laptop. Is this possible and how...

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All icon is showing in pdf.

Hello, I have having same problem. My system having window 7 Home basic. when i installed adobe acrobat reader, after installing it all icons of m...

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Insatllation of pdf on e71 china phone?

Hello, good afternoon I just want to ask ,how do i install pdf in my Nokia E71 China tv mobil phone

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How do i make a pdf smaller? zip?


How Do I Make a PDF Smaller? Zip? I have a PDF document that I need to upload that is 3.75mb. The website will only allow me to upload files 3.0mb or...

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