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Cover XP

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1.54 (latest version)
Cover XP
Windows 95, Windows 98, Windows Me, Windows 2000, Windows XP, English

Cover XP is a software that is very useful for creating and editing CD covers in a record time. The printed covers are very trendy and pleasant to look at.

Key features:

  • Practical : the Cover XP is providing good quality of image while printing. Before each edition, users can make some modification, viewing from different angles as the software can rotate the photos taken.
  • Personalization : to give good impression, the software gets directly photos from webcam or scanner in order to insert them in the covers. Also, it is possible to go straight to the favorite sites to pick some images that are necessary for the covers editing.
  • Easy : the software gives a colorful interface that will allow users to choose the actions that are appropriate to their needs. There is no time restriction while using this software because it can be used as often as necessary, forever and indefinitely.
  • Other options : the software makes automatic adjustments because there are about 350 photo formats which are compatible with the software and easily finds the right printer while editing. What is more, the users can insert comments or texts in the covers for some explanations.

System requirements:

  • The software is compatible with Win 95, Win 98, Me, Windows 2000, XP.
  • Memory : 3MB


  • A software available in a free version that helps its users create and print CD covers easily and quickly.

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Alternative spelling: coverxp_free.exe
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