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FaceApp is an advanced photo editing app that uses artificial intelligence-based filters to change your appearance in just one tap. It shot to fame for its famous age swap filter allowing you to get a glimpse of what you might look like later in life, but it boasts numerous other features too.

What are the key features of FaceApp?

  • Photo Editor: A huge range of options among the Impression filters to have a magazine-worthy selfie. You can also experiment with hair colors and styles as well as beards and mustaches. A gender swap filter is also available and you can have fun with the age-changing filter. The app allows you to apply makeup to your photo without touching your face in real life.
  • Video Editing: With the video editing feature, you can apply color correction to your videos - old ones, as well as new ones recorded directly through the app. Continue editing and trimming and crop videos when necessary!
  • Interface: One of the biggest advantages of FaceApp is its powerful AI - this means that you don't need any photo or video editing skills to take advantage of the app. You only need to select filters and swipe left and right and that's it!
  • Test: FaceApp is famous for its age filter by providing an appearance estimation of how faces might look when older (or younger). However, there are other nice features, such as combining two photos of people to imagine how their kids might look someday.
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Is it free?

You can download and use this app for free - but this version includes just a few basic features. To go further, you can opt for the optional in-app purchases.

Is it safe?

There has been a lot of controversy surrounding FaceApp, developed in Russia, with allegations that it can and does harvest metadata from users’ photos. Is this something you should be worried about? It depends. Although FaceApp edits your (selected) photo on their servers, apparently within 24-48hrs after editing, it deletes them from their cloud servers and does not share any data with Russian authorities.

FaceApp has recently updated its privacy policy too, with a reassuring confirmation stating that “uploaded photos will only be used for the app itself and not shared or re-used for any other reason”. However, this doesn't mean that FaceApp is entirely risk-free. You should always be careful when using any free service as you are giving up data and some personal information in exchange for its use. Research suggests that although FaceApp does access your photo for its editing purposes, it is no more dangerous than Facebook or Google, or many other free apps that we use daily and FaceApp won't sell your data.

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