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Discretion and efficiency are the main issues for the security of your PC. With Microsoft Security Essentials, your computer system is protected against malware and unauthorized access to your system.

Key Features

  • Protection against malicious software: thanks to a sophisticated security system, the software protects your PC against threats including: viruses, Trojans and worms. The application works quietly behind your operating system.
  • Anti spyware: Spyware consults data about the environment in which it is installed. Then, when you are connected, the Internet enables, via the spyware, to collect information about your system and even your private information. Microsoft Security Essentials avoids you this kind of intrusion. Thus, your system becomes entirely protected.
  • Automatic updates: you no longer have to search files manually for an update. Just like a secret agent, the program will automatically download the latest security updates to the virus database.
  • Multilingual: Microsoft Security Essentials is available in different languages, namely in Bulgarian, Czech, Croatian, Dutch, English, Estonian, French, German, Greek, Italian and more.


  • The software is totally free and easy to use.
  • The user can work without interruption.


  • Costs of Internet access can sometimes apply outside the download.


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Alternative spelling: mseinstall-4.5.0216.exe, mseinstall.exe