How To Recover Deleted Emails in Gmail [Solved/Closed]

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How can I recover trash deleted emails in my gmail?
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If Gmail has not deleted the messages from the server, you can recover deleted emails after deleting them from your trash folder. You must open your gmail then click the drop down arrow on the left from your search box at the top of the screen. it will then ask you several question such as to: or from, subject, key words or date within. Click on the blue search button on the bottom left of the search box and all of your deleted emails will be revealed.

Note from Ambucias : If you still can’t recover you mails, these links will provide further help
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thanx hey . i got all of them
That was the coolest thing that I've seen all year.
Thanks! You kind of saved my life! I'm exagerating but not too much! Thanks!
Hi John.
I actually had a blue arrow pointing downwards to the right of my search bar. I hit the arrow and a search query box popped up. I searched by senders email and selected the "trash" folder and my deleted emails came up. Hope that helps