My laptop screen won't turn on [Solved/Closed]

Ask a question Gabriela - Last answered on Jan 27, 2016 at 07:47 AM by KY_WD
So I have an Hp Laptop seems to be on and working, you can hear the fan going on and some of the little lights are on but the screen just won't turn on, it's just a black screen. this happened a while back and some how we got it working but it happened again and I live really far from any repair store just wanna try fixing it on my own first.

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Hi Gabriela,

In situations like this it's recommended connecting the laptop to an external monitor to see will there be any video signal going out from the laptop. If it does go out, then there's a need for LCD inverter replacement. If there's nothing showing either on external monitor nor display, but the fans are still working, the problem that you have may be due to the failure of the video chip. Sometimes, after much of a use and less cooling the graphics processor which is responsible for video signal transmission get unsolders, the thermic paste goes away and it gets unsoldered, therefore the screen doesn't show anything. If you possess knowledge of notebooks' hardware you can change the paste yourself by opening the laptop and check if the chipset that is next to the processor has got unsoldered or you can bring your laptop to a technician to get it soldered again.

Hope that I helped.
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