CCM: Moderation of defamatory posts

CCM: Moderation of defamatory posts

Here's what you might need to know about the moderation of defamatory posts.

A company (or software publisher) may contact us to request the removal of forum posts deemed as defamatory. This happens when insulting language (swindlers, thieves, scam, etc.) are used against them. If you are on this page, then it is most probable that one of your posts has been removed due to such circumstances! Certain precautions and rules must be observed to preserve the quality of the exchanges made on the forum but also to prevent the moderation of your posts, the inconvenience of legal actions resulting from defamation, and possible closure of the forum, all based on some words written out of anger!

To avoid such inconvenience, we ask you to pay particular attention when writing your posts:

  • Don't use insulting language (crooks, thieves, scams, etc.)
  • Stick to your personal experience and facts for which you have tangible evidence
  • Avoid making value judgments and generalizations
  • Never divulge (on any forum) the actual identity or details of a person/entity without consent.

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