Why CCM won't help unlock phones, smart watches or SIM cards

Why CCM won't help unlock phones, smart watches or SIM cards

CCM does not provide tips to unlock mobile phones, smartwatches, or SIM cards. Whilst this information could help to unlock devices, it could also result in piracy and be used to unlock stolen devices. Every day, mobile phones are stolen, and it is our mission to help people while respecting the law. In this article we explain the process of unlocking and some key definitions.

Why is it difficult to unlock phones or smart watches?

Mobile phones, smart watches, and SIM cards often come with several codes, such as PIN, PUK, restriction codes, and security codes. These codes are intended to prevent the unauthorized use of mobile devices and help if the phone gets stolen. Despite the intended impact, unlocking mobile phones and SIM cards is now quite easy and widely available.

Unlocking is the process of enabling your phone to accept any SIM card. It causes the cancellation of the electronic code so that it can be used with any SIM card. Your mobile phone or smart watch operator can often unlock your device, if you make a request, by providing the unlock code. Their willingness to do so will depend on your contract.

If they agree, the operator will send the unlock code via SMS or even on the phone. However, you can also decide to unlock your mobile phone or smart watch yourself if you are the owner. In certain cases, it may be illegal to do so.

In certain countries, mobile phones are automatically unlocked after a period of time. The phones are sold locked because they are sponsored by your operator. They pay a large part of the price of the phone and protect their investment by preventing the use of the phone on another network. This is standard practice for obvious economic reasons.

What are some key security definitions?

To follow are several essential definitions to keep in mind if you are considering unlocking your phone:

  • The PIN (Personal Identification Number) is the password for your SIM card. You can choose to set the PIN request to appear each time you switch on your mobile or whenever there is a change in SIM card, depending on how your mobile works. The PUK (PIN Unlocking Key sometimes called Personal Unlocking Key) is the code requested by your SIM card whenever you have entered the wrong password more than three times. This code can only be provided by your phone supplier.
  • The restriction code, also known as the NCK or Network code, allows you to unlock your phone for use with any SIM card with different operators.
  • Lastly, the security code is the password of the mobile phone or smart watch itself. This will prevent another person from accessing your device in case of theft. You can change this password.
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