Top resume builder apps: for iPhone, Android

Top resume builder apps: for iPhone, Android

Your resume is your business card with future employers, so it's essential that it is clear, precise, and well structured. Luckily, there are several apps that let you write your resume directly on your smartphone with a completely professional finish. Here we'll show you how to get ready to impress your interviewers with a quality resume.


Useful design tools

Canva is a very versatile design tool that allows you to prepare your resume, as well as invitations, posters, graphics, etc. It has many clear and modern templates so that your resume is perfect. You can then download it in different formats, such as .pdf. You can download the app directly from our page.

Resume App

Various templates

This app contains several templates so you can choose the one that best suits your needs. Once you fill in the boxes, your resume is formatted and you can save it in PDF format. It's then easy to share with others. The biggest advantage of this app is that it can be synchronized with Facebook, so that the personal data you have saved will be automatically populated in the form, saving you time. In addition, it allows you to include logos of the companies you've worked for.

Resume App is available for Android and iOS.


Easily syncs with LinkedIn

This app syncs with another even more useful social network: LinkedIn. If you have an account on that platform, you can export your academic and professional data directly to your resume. The resulting document can be exported in PDF and also has a web version that lets you know how many people have visited your resume.

VisualCV has a version available for iOS and for Android.

Curriculum Vitae Maker

Simple and customizable

This app for resumes allows you to sort your work and educational experience in a simple way and present it with a very professional look. Among its options, it incorporates a tool that makes suggestions about words and terms that can make your profile more attractive. In addition, it has 40 base templates from which you can customize your CV.

Cirruculum Vitae Maker is free and is currently only available for Android.

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