What is SIGGRAPH 2023: about, dates, speakers

What is SIGGRAPH 2023: about, dates, speakers

SIGGRAPH is the main conference in the world of computer graphics, held in Los Angeles at the beginning of August. This year, the event will celebrate its 50th jubilee and will present a variety of interesting topics about the present, past, and future of computer graphics. Read on and find out more about this year's conference.


SIGGRAPH is the premier worldwide conference for computer graphics and interactive techniques. This year, it will be the 50th conference celebrating half a century. 

«Like the Atomic Age of yesterday, the Information Age of today, and the Imagination Age of tomorrow, SIGGRAPH represents a near-perfect timeline of discovery and advancement in the computer graphics world. For 50 years, the conference has ushered in new breakthroughs, bolstered a community of perpetual dreamers, and mapped a future where exponential innovation isn't just possible — it's inevitable», said the conference chair, Erik Brunvand about SIGGRAPH 2023.

When and where is SIGGRAPH?

This year's SIGGRAPH will take place from Sunday, August 6, 2023, to Thursday, August 10, 2023, in Los Angeles. You can attend it either in person or via live streams.

What is the SIGGRAPH program?

During the 5 days of the conference, industry professionals discuss prominent topics of computer graphics. You will find various production sessions, talks, courses, panel discussions, immersive labs, and so many more special events in this year's program. The keynote topics and speakers of SIGGRAPH 2023 will be:

  • SIGGRAPH 2023 Keynote Speaker Darío Gil: "SIGGRAPH 2023 Keynote: What's Next in Quantum Computing"
  • SIGGRAPH 2023 Keynote Speaker Kathryn Kleiman: "SIGGRAPH 2023 Keynote: Computer Programming Pioneers Revealed"
  • Sponsored Keynote Speaker Jensen Huang: "Sponsored by NVIDIA: NVIDIA Keynote at SIGGRAPH 2023"
  • Sponsored Keynote Speaker Hiroaki Kitano: "Sponsored by Sony: Pioneering the Future of Creation — Join Hiroaki Kitano on How Technology Impacts Creation"
  • Sponsored Keynote Speakers Natalya Tatarchuk, Allan Poore, and Joe Letteri: "Sponsored by Unity Technologies: Assisted Artistry Unleashed: Powering the Future of Film and Real-time 3D With Unity Wētā Tools"
  • Sponsored Keynote Speaker Yachen Song: "Sponsored by Vast: Within Sight, Bridging Dimension: Generative AI from 2D to 3D to Push Boundaries for Imagination".

You can check the full program and schedule of events here.


How to participate in SIGGRAPH?

You can submit your innovations and participate in SIGGRAPH in Los Angeles or online, however, make sure to consult the website and upload your project around 6 months before the conference. Check the year's program here.