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MorphVox Pro Voice Changer can modify the voice while on instant messaging client or in a game. It is rich in terms of options and effects to apply.

Key Features

Tweak voice

MorphVox Pro Voice Changer lets users change their voice when on a game or a chat program. As options, the pitch shift and timber can be adjusted. Multiple voices are available such as Cave Troll, Golem or Android voice.

Graphics equalizer

For all selected voices (human or cyborg), MorphVox Pro Voice Changer offers an equalizer to enhance the output. It is graphically displayed so as to quicken the process and facilitate voice morph.

Sound and voice effects

As advanced features for changing the voice, the utility offers multiple choices in terms of effect and sound. For instance, the MorphVox Pro Voice Changer user can select Chorus, Low Cut or Hypertone as effect for the output.

Background sound

This option is giving the ability to add a sound behind the changed voice. It can be a pre-recorded sound of noisy traffic jam or shopping at the mall. This sound can be selected from the program's database or imported from the hard drives.


  • MorphVox Pro Voice Changer is a full-featured program.
  • The interface skin can be configured.
  • It uses low bandwidth and CPU.
  • Skype, Google Talk and MSN Messenger are supported.


  • This version can only be used for 7 days.


Alternative spelling: MorphVOXPro4_Install-1-4.4.17.exe, MorphVOXPro4_Install-1.exe
Latest update on October 15, 2014 at 08:09 AM.
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