If you are looking for image viewer, Picasa is among the best in this category. In fact, it allows you to find, edit and share all images that you have on your computer.

Key features

It's nice and easy-to-use interface makes it fluid to browse through your photos. Picasa scans your computer to find your images. Then, it organizes them in folders and for instant browsing displays thumbnails of your images. For full screen display, you only need to double click on a thumbnail. Easy to install, but since the setup package includes a third party software, your attention is required during the installation process to avoid the setting change of your web browser. It can work correctly offline but would be better with internet connection. Apart from being a photo manager, this software has useful editing functions so that you can resize, crop images and add several effects to enhance your image quality. And when everything is done, you can share your images with your friends by e-mailing them or post them to your own blog. It is also possible to print them or burn them to a CD. With this function, you can ask the application to scan your photo library so as to recognize a specific face and extract it. Thus you can add a name to it. As this application comes along with Google Maps, it is easy to geotag your photos. To do so, you just need to select the picture, click on « Places » button to open Google Maps, find the right location and click OK.


  • Pleasant interface
  • Simple and efficient editing tools
  • Powerful
  • Easy installation


  • Face recognition takes time.


Latest update on November 17, 2014 at 05:38 AM.