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In order to fully get control over your computer use, you have to use software like PC Data Manager. Indeed, it allows you to get all the details of your PC use. It will be suitable for those who need to monitor their kids' or employees' Internet activities.

Key features

As said above, PC Data Manager is a monitoring program for all tasks related to Internet on your computer. Its process is simple: it keeps track of every visited website and stores it in a detailed log. The truth is that PC Data Manager is actually a key logger which records every keystroke and stores it. It will provide you conversation chat made on your computer, get passwords as well as other confidential information. As PC Data Manager has been designed to monitor your computer activities, it has to be discreet. Indeed, it is launched in stealth mode and is never displayed neither on the taskbar nor in the task manager.


It is easy to use. It is light and efficient.


You have to pay for a license for it to fully work.


Alternative spelling: MicronRecoveryPremiumDemo-1.0.exe, MicronRecoveryPremiumDemo.exe
Latest update on February 5, 2015 at 05:32 AM.
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