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Easy Date Converter

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Easy Date Converter
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Easy Date Converter is a program for counting days between two dates. It is able to display date in different formats such as Julian cardinal or ordinal date.

Key features

Calculation: it is the right tool to count precisely the number of days between two dates. It is able to perform addition and subtraction depending on the length of the distance between two dates.

Setting: this software also permits to remove specific dates in the calculation parameters. For instance, depending on the users' needs, he can make the counting without taking into account week-ends or day offs.

Encoding: with Easy Date Converter, it is possible to change the format of dates. The user will have a choice between several formats, namely the Gregorian style, Julian or ordinal date and still many others.


Easy Date Converter is offered with a digital help manual to facilitate handling and mastering.

The program is available in several languages including English and German.


Easy Date Converter is a shareware version that expires after 14 days of use.


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