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Superman Mod for GTA IV

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Superman Mod for GTA IV
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This Superman Mod will give you an even greater sense of liberty in the world of GTA.

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Wednesday November 4, 2020
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October 28, 2021

Grand Theft Auto IV (GTA IV) is an action-adventure video game developed by Rockstar North and was initially released in 2008. The game supports different mods. In this article, we discuss the Superman Mod (GTA IV) that is a software for the GTA IV video game. It enables players to fly, amongst other superpowers as seen in superman films.

Key features

  • Interface: the software has a pleasant interface that is very easy to use for gamers. The scenes are very well shaped, colors are vivid, and make the images pop. The surroundings look real and the proportionality is correct when Superman flies over the city.
  • Speed management: this game mod allows users to improve their gameplay due to the possibility to modify and manage speed in order to avoid unwanted or brutal crash landings.
  • Traveling: Superman Mod GTA4 allows the users to visit Liberty City through the computer screen.
  • Other options: There is a possibility to use the mouse in order to control the speed, remove vehicles background sound, however, and also, the smoke after the player can be seen.
  • Enjoy: The player can also use all the powers when flying.


Here is the commands list:

  • R: Activates the heat vision.
  • T: Super wind - it can extinguish fire and push away objects.
  • E: This will allow you to grab lamp poles or lift cars.
  • Left mouse button (LMB): With this command, you can throw cars.
  • Right mouse button: Is used to aim.
  • Space: Switch to flight mode. Hold to do so whenever you are not dressed as Superman.
  • Direct ped/vehicle attack: Used for nearby peds and vehicles - press LMB.
  • Ground attack: Accelerate towards the ground with speed over 30.

Is the Superman Mod Free?

You can use this mod for free.


This mod is compatible with GTA IV, meaning you need the necessary PC system requirements to run the game in the first place.


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