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NameBench is a program designed to help the user choose the highest DNS servers. After some analysis, it displays the fastest DNS on which the user can connect.

Key features

Analyzing: this program was developed to perform a series of tests to identify and display the most powerful DNS servers. Its investigation uses data from data which are already saved some information such as the browser history and results of the "tcpdump" command.

Benchmarking: after scans, NameBench is able to display the comparison result between the available DNS. The benchmarks are exposed as graphs and the most efficient server will be placed above others.

Optimization: NameBench allows the user to choose the best provided configuration following the performed analysis. New configuration can be set to accelerate the connection to the Web. This requires inserting data into the fields dedicated to it.


NameBench is a free download.

It is available with a command-line and graphical user interface.

The install of the program does not modify the system in any way.


Knowledge in computer science is required to master the program.


Alternative spelling: namebench-1.3.1-source.tgz
Latest update on January 15, 2015 at 08:55 AM.
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