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Kick the Buddy: Second Kick

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Kick the Buddy: Second Kick
iPhone - English
Kick the Buddy: Second Kick is the second episode of Kick the Buddy: No Mercy. This version gathers more options and brand new fantastic elements to blow up Buddy. It adds other virtual arsenal such as torture instruments and even nuclear bomb. For the editor, the aim remains the same: provide a perfect method of stress relief!

Key Features

  • Principle: new updated taunts and jeers have been added to this version. The principle is remaining the same; the gamer has to knock down a rag-doll called Buddy (taunting them until they strike him). Gamers are offered all weapons and even household objects to kick Buddy to death. The funny element is that even dead, Buddy can still comment on his state. He is revived with the help of angels or gamers have to put his body's parts together with hand.
  • Kick options: on "Stuff" option, we can find a larger selection with fantastic and unique weapons such as animals (wasps, shark, piranha, black mamba, shark, and tiger), power of God's (ball lightning, angel, tornado and more) and even Nano weapons. Concerning Firearms, they stay quite the same but with more gun options.
  • Customizable: Kick the Buddy: Second Kick offers a wider selection in terms of configuration. At any time, the user can change Buddy's face, the room where he is locked and other settings. Three choices are made available at users' disposal concerning décor that are cardboard box, wallpaper and Office.


  • Kick the Buddy: Second Kick is fully compatible with iPhone, iPad, iPod Touch and optimized for iPhone 5.
  • It is stress-relieving.


  • This is a paying application.

Latest update on May 28, 2014 at 09:16 AM.
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