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Fast Downloader-Android

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Fast Downloader-Android
Android, English
Fast Downloader is a multitasking application for Android devices, designed to manage and download files from the storage unit. It also takes into account multiple downloads

Key Features

Manager: Fast Downloader to administer data storage unit like moving, deleting or renaming. They are sorted into folders according to their format to facilitate their operation.

Download: Different methods can be used to get a file hosted on the web. For example it is possible to copy the URL of the download tool address bar or start the operation from the browser.

Batch Processing: One of the specificities of Fast Downloader is that it is able to download multiple files in batch mode. Process management is done using the control panel located in the options.


The download Fast Downloader is completely free.

It has its own web browser.

The app supports FTP protocol.


Latest update on March 27, 2015 at 09:28 AM.

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