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Power Tab Editor is a wonderful instrument for author. The software is rather a tool used to create guitar and bass tablature. The easy use of the software gives you much inspiration. The program in itself provides all notations used in music: either for symbols of music standards or symbols of tablatures.

Key features:
-Creation: The application is a tool that can create, edit, and print your composition. As all power tab files are saved using the file extension.ptb, files created within the application can only be viewed and used by the Editor.

-Sharing: Importing or exporting MIDI TRACKS in ASCII text format or HTML. This proceeding helps you send mail and share files to others.

-Interface: The program presents an easy to use interface especially for those who are allergic to complicated process. While composing your notes, you can also give a title and lyrics to your composition.

-Details: Full explanation about chords and tuning are available on the program. Thus, the composer knows and can give more to other people.

System requirements :
-Processor: Pentium 100 Mhz or higher; Pentium III 533Mhz recommended
-Memory: 16MB or more; 64MB recommended
-Hard disk: 5MB of available hard disk space.
-The program only runs with the following operating system: Microsoft Windows 95/98/ME or Microsoft Windows NT 4.0/2000/XP/Server 2003.

-Power tabs helps a lot in evaluating your composition as notes can be appreciated in its real value.
- If necessary, the tool bar can be moved to any side of the application.
-The software can be downloaded freely.

-The use of the application requires specific skills about music.
-Not everyone can compose his music with it , as the language used is only English.
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nice for composing a song
Worthless and a waste of time. It doesn't compose/transcribe any music while you play. It's basically just a cheap piece of software where you insert each note from drop down boxes. Whats the point in that? It's faster to write it out.
simple to use and completely safe!
great program....!
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