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Multilizer PDF Translation

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7.2.7 (latest version)
Multilizer PDF Translation
Windows XP Windows 7 - English
Managing documents becomes hard especially when there are many of them to handle. MUTLTILIZE PDF TRANSLATION will solve your problem by helping you translate your PDF documents you want to work on.
Key features -Translation : it gives you the possibility to translate up to 50 languages and directly stored from PDF to JPEG, TRF, Excel, TIFF formats. Translation machine like Google translatorAPIv2 is available for quick translation and gives many suggestions concerning the appropriate word. -Fast: it does the translation right after the installation. One click is enough to get your selected documents to be translated in the required languages. After that, the software will automatically save your translated documents. -Filing system: It can manage many documents so that there is no need to worry about file storing and does not make any changes on your file types as different scanners will help you locate your documents. System requirements
-It can be used with Win 8 OS and XP
-Memory : 7MB Pros -Very efficient because of its speed as translation will be quick no matter the languages and files could be easily found due to different systems that are integrated in the software. -A demo software that can be checked to the designer Cons . -From now on, it is impossible to switch from word into image.


Alternative spelling: MultilizerPDFTranslator_Demo-7.2.7.exe, MultilizerPDFTranslator_Demo.exe
Latest update on August 21, 2012 at 09:41 AM.
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Very easy to use!
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