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Winzip is a software of compression of most known Windows. It is an all in one tool for it enables to zip, share, manage and backup the user's files.

Key features

The software offers the user the possibility to compress files in order to gain more space in the system. To do so, he just has to drag and drop the files whether they are from local or network drives. Winzip 19.5 enables to share files via Skype and email. Automatic links are available in the clipboard and the outgoing email. It also lets him to share zipped files on social media like Google talk, jabber, messenger and so on. By using this utilitarian, the user can easily manage his files according to his preferences. He can for instance edit and print local files as well as convert them to PDF format. Even images can be converted and shared.


Winzip's interface is fully customizable depending on the user's needs. FIPS 197-certified 128- or 256bit AES encryption helps in the enhancement of information's security.


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Latest update on December 2, 2016 at 05:20 AM.

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