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µTorrent (also written uTorrent) allows you to download content from the Internet through the P2P BitTorrent network. A primary advantage of µTorrent is its tiny consumption of resources: once downloaded and running, you can download songs, movies or series with minimal impact on your PC's performance.

What is uTorrent?

µTorrent is a BitTorrent client, one of the fastest and most popular P2P file-sharing protocols out there. In other words, µTorrent connects you with a network of users who have and share files you can download. As soon as you have the files you want, you can share them with other users through the P2P network.

What are the key features of uTorrent?

  • Lightning-fast performance: µTorrent is a BitTorrent client designed to provide fast download speeds. This software is entirely customizable, and it lets you configure various settings to your liking, including bandwidth use, RSS feeds, and DHT support.

  • Scheduled downloads: Users also have the ability to schedule, pause and resume downloads and uploads, as well as set automatic shutdowns to help you optimize your download speeds.

  • Download multiple files simultaneously: µTorrent can handle multiple downloads simultaneously. Moreover, you can start playing your media files even though they are not fully downloaded. 

  • External media player compatibility: µTorrent supports third-party media players such as VLC or Windows Media Player to play downloaded movies.

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How does µTorrent work?

As soon as you have installed µTorrent, you will soon find out that its contents are blank. This is due to the fact that µTorrent is purely a torrent downloading solution. That is, the application itself does not come with any torrents. The following instructions should be helpful in order to successfully download your first torrent file:

  1. First, you will need to visit a torrent website to search the torrent of the movie, video game, music album, software, etc., of your choice. 
  2. When looking for the right torrent, it is important to verify that there are enough seeders who are sharing the file. The term seeders refers to the people in the P2P network who have the complete file on their hard disks. The more active seeders, the more efficient (faster) you will be able to download the content of your choice.
  3. Most torrent websites have a direct hyperlink, click on the link to open the file in the µTorrent application. Alternatively, you can download the file to your device and manually open it as soon as the file is stored on your device.
  4. µTorrent will now show a pop-up window where you have the chance to configure a set of parameters, such as the file download location and the desired file name. You will also be able to check or uncheck the files that are included within the torrent, as it may contain files that you are not interested in downloading.
  5. When you have finished the configuration, click OK to start the download process. You will receive a notification as soon as the torrent is fully downloaded to your device. 

Is uTorrent free?

Yes, the version of µTorrent offered to download on this page can be used completely free of charge. If you are looking for a more complete version of the software, you can go Pro for $19.95 a year. µTorrent Pro automatically blocks torrents that include malware and viruses. Furthermore, it doesn't contain any kind of advertisements, whereas µTorrent does show ads. 

Is uTorrent safe?

µTorrent is one of the most trusted torrent downloaders. However, we strongly advise you to read the Privacy policy before installing µTorrent.

The process of Torrenting in itself is safe and legal. It is an excellent way of transferring data efficiently between remote users. However, whilst Torrenting itself is not illegal, the act of downloading and sharing pirated content is. It is recommended that you consider installing a VPN, besides trying not to download risky content.

What does seeding mean in uTorrent?

Torrent files are shared across users through a peer-to-peer protocol, meaning users share their content with each other. Seeding means that you are sharing your content with other users, and participating in spreading the files you download through the network. Even though seeding is optional, it is important at least some people seed content so everyone can download files.

Is qBittorrent better than uTorrent?

qBittorrent is considered better than uTorrent as it offers faster downloads, no paywalls to access all its features, and does not contain ads. Still, uTorrent is compatible with Android devices.

What is the difference between uTorrent and uTorrent Web?

uTorrent runs in a separate window as a standalone application on your computer, while uTorrent Web lives in a web browser. Hence, uTorrent Web can run on most platforms as it does not need to be compatible with your OS.

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