Vuze free for PC

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Sharing files on the Internet can be done smoothly with tools like Vuze. It is a client program for the network "Peer-to-peer". It is integrated with a powerful search engine and many other functions.

What are the key features of Vuze?

  • Search: Searching for a file on a website is now accessible thanks to Vuze. For that, users just have to enter the name of the file they are looking for and paste it into the search box of the interface. Browsing the Internet is not needed, just click on the desired file to start the download.
  • Subscription: If a user shares an interesting file, it is possible to subscribe directly so as to be informed of new shares. The time a new file is available, Vuze is going to report it. This option avoids launching searches repeatedly.
  • Accelerator: Download is fast for the simple reason that the software itself is powerful. Users can download several files according to the order of priority which can be customized. For that, users are allowed to give priority to some favorite files.
  • Player: As a plus, an HD video player is also integrated with Vuze. It can play video files in AVI, DivX, QuickTime or another format.

How does Vuze work?

Vuze works on a BitTorrent protocol. It is written in Java and uses the Azureus Engine. Does Vuze still work? Of course, it still works, just don’t forget to use VPN with it.

Is Vuze free?

Vuze is free to use. There is a premium version called Vuze Plus, available to purchase here.

Vuze is a legal app, though it doesn’t take the responsibility of the other users’ content. It is virus-free and safe to download.