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eMule is a program designed to share files using the P2P protocol, this technology allows you to download MP3, movies and other files faster. It does not include ads and automatically deletes the wrong files.

Key features

  • Sharing: Emule is mainly designed to download files to other user's hard drives located anywhere in the word. For that, the program needs to be installed on both computers and the transfer is made via Internet connection.
  • Control: On its interface, the software displays the rate of progress of each downloaded file. It allows prioritizing certain files by setting the bandwidth connectivity. It also has a resume option that avoids any download errors.
  • Safety: the advantage with Emule is that it detects and blocks existing spyware and adware. In addition to that, it checks each file after the download process to detect and avoid any malicious items.
  • Contact: one of the particularities of this software is its ability to send messages to another user located anywhere in the world. Thanks to its integrated IRC, all users are able to communicate and share documents between them.

Is It Free?

eMule can be downloaded and used for free.