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  • Developer hiyohiyo
  • Version 8.0.4c
  • License Open Source
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CrystalDiskMark is a simple-to-use solution to benchmark your drives' reading and writing performances. In a few steps, configure, test, and export the data for later use.

What are the key features of CrystalDiskMark?

  • Test and record: You can quickly test your drives' performances by submitting reading and writing passes. Different reading and writing processes are launched depending on your parameters, and all the information will be collected and presented afterward.
  • Friendly interface: The different interfaces are pretty explicit and straightforward to use. Every piece of data is clear, and you can easily find all the additional actions you can perform. In addition, you can choose the interface look among several fun themes.
  • Export: You can copy the result of the benchmark to the clipboard or save it to a file or as an image.
  • Programmer-friendly: You can even test drives on different networks by executing CrystalDiskMark by a standard user. That's pretty useful to benchmark your float of drives remotely.
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How to use CrystalDiskMark?

Once launched, you will see different dropdown lists at the top of the main window. In that order, select the number of tests to run (1-9, default is 5), the test size, and the drive to test. To start the passes, click on the All button. You will see different rows named SEQ1M Q8T1, SEQ1M Q1T1, RND4K Q32T16, and RND4K Q1T1. SEQ1M Q8T1 is for lots of long sequential operations, SEQ1M Q1T1 is the same with only 1 task on a thread (instead of 8), RND4K Q32T16 performs many random tiny operations, and RND4K Q1T1 is the same but with only one process on one thread (instead of 32 processes on 16 threads).

Is it free?

Yes, it is free to use.

Is it safe?

So far, it has no history of malware or anything like that, and users consider it safe.