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  • Developer CPUID
  • Version 1.94
  • License Freeware
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Computer system is fragile and requires care. CPU-Z is a program that collects and displays the main information about your computer system namely processor, motherboard, memory and system.

Key Features

Once installed on your computer system, CPU-Z will start a complete diagnosis of the latter. After that, it allows users to know the characteristics of each element on the computer. To do this, the user launches the application and can read the information on a window. CPU-Z provides specific details that cannot be found easily on the computer's properties. For instance, for the processor, the application can give you the name, number, code name, package technology and specification. For the motherboard, users have the opportunity to know its seller, model, version, BIOS model, chipset and sensor, etc. For memory, it displays the frequency and timing of the RAM, etc. It can also display the version of Windows and DirectX. The interface is plain and intuitive, which facilitates its handling. The window consists of seven tabs with respect the CPU, Caches, Mainboard, Memory, SPD, Graphics and "About" for further information.

Is It Free?

The software can be downloaded and used for free.