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CPU-Z is one of the most used freeware to collect information about your main device components like processor, motherboard, memory, or OS. It offers a simple interface, runs smoothly, and even provides benchmarking features.

What are the key features of CPU-Z?

  • Retrieve valuable data: CPU-Z can collect and display all the most useful data related to your hardware components, RAM, memory, BIOS, and even the operating system. Hence, you can quickly consult your processor name and number, process, package, cache levels and size, clocks-related information, motherboard and BIOS metadata, GPU's name, clocks and memory, and SPD timing table.
  • XMP profile friendly: As you can view lots of information about RAM (like the frequency, latency, etc.), you will be able to know if your current XMP profile is suitable and works appropriately.
  • Benchmark: You can easily benchmark your CPU performances in single or multithreaded tasks. Also, you can compare the results with the CPU-Z CPU database and evaluate your CPU score.
  • Stress test: CPU-Z can also help you if you are overclocking your CPU, as you have to keep an eye on how each frequency increase affects it and check the system's stability. Hence, you can check the core and bus speed, the temperature, and more.
  • Maintained: The developers of CPU-Z constantly update the program to add features and ensure compatibility with new CPUs and chipsets over time.
  • Export: You can easily export and save all your data in TXT and HTML format files.

How to use CPU-Z?

  1. Once installed, you can directly run it and wait for CPU-Z to finish collecting all the pieces of data about your components.
  2. Then, browse the different sections like CPU, Caches, Mainboard, Memory, SPD, or Graphics.
  3. If you want to benchmark your CPU, go to the Bench section, configure the benchmark settings, and either bench or stress your CPU.

Is it free?

CPU-Z is entirely free to use.

Is it safe?

You can install and use it with peace of mind, as CPU-Z is considered a safe piece of software. It only collects and provides information related to your computer or device and cannot modify any settings that may harm your system. Still, the Benchmark section does include a stress test feature that may make your PC reach high temperatures.

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