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Joulemeter, developed by Microsoft, is a software tool designed to estimate your computer's power consumption. It analyzes key metrics like CPU usage and screen brightness to provide insights into power usage. This tool proves helpful in making informed decisions on power management in various settings, including data centers, client computing, and software design.

What is Joulemeter?

Meet Microsoft Joulemeter – your computer's energy detective! This nifty software tool takes a peek into your computer's habits, keeping an eye on things like how hard your CPU is working and how bright your screen is. What does it do with all this info? Well, it plays detective and estimates how much power your computer is slurping up.

But Joulemeter isn't just about snooping on your PC; it's got a bigger mission. Think of it as your energy superhero, helping you make smart choices about power in places like data centers or enterprise buildings. Need to know how much juice your virtual machine, computer, or software is using? Joulemeter's got you covered. It measures all the hardware action – CPU, disk, memory, and screen – and magically turns that into an estimate of your actual power usage. It's like having a power usage crystal ball for your tech!

Note: It is no longer available for public download as it is a bit old, but you may find it still helpful.

What are the key features of Joulemeter?

  • Modeling magic: Estimate energy usage for virtual machines, computers, servers, or software applications. Dive into the impact of power management on CPU, screen, memory, and storage, even in components where hardware measurements aren't feasible.
  • Optimization wizardry: Harness Joulemeter's insights to enhance power provisioning and cut down on consumption costs. Perfect for data centers, enterprise computing, and battery-operated devices, this tool transforms scenarios by optimizing power use.
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  • Power modeling mastery: Joulemeter employs modeling techniques to estimate energy consumption. It measures hardware resources like CPU, disk, memory, and screen, converting usage into real-world power consumption using automatically learned power models.
  • Efficient power optimization: Leverage Joulemeter's visibility to optimize power usage in diverse settings. From virtualized data centers to enterprise desktops, manage and track PC sleep, remote wakeups, and more. Fine-tune power management settings for better battery life and make savvy design choices for software applications.
  • Research-backed solutions: Delve into Joulemeter's research publications for detailed insights into power budgeting, desktop power consumption, and battery life improvements. Even though it may be a little bit outdated, it can still perform a good job. 

How to use Joulemeter?

Once launched, provide details about the expected power values and click on Start Calibration.

Is Joulemeter free?

Yes, Joulemeter is 100% free to use.

Is Joulemeter safe?

Yes, it is considered safe to use.

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