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MyASUS is an official application developed by ASUSTeK COMPUTER that offers all-in-one dashboards from which you can access many services like computer diagnosis, software updates, hardware settings, and many more. It is a game changer as you can now use your ASUS computer in a much more reliable and efficient way.

What are the key features of MyASUS?

  • Interface: It features refreshing and well-organized interfaces that make every process easier to handle.
  • Link to MyASUS: This is an incredible feature that allows you to seamlessly connect your ASUS computer with your mobile devices and perform various actions like file transfer, remote file access, mirror, or screen extender.
  • Software updates: You can easily view if your system needs to be updated and trigger an update of all your components in a single click. Also, it provides safe and secure official driver downloads (which is pretty rare).
  • Diagnose your system: MyASUS can also launch a system diagnosis, report problems, guide you through the problem classification process, and send online repair requests to fix everything quickly.
  • Customer service: You have access to an online chat service and instant step-by-step troubleshooting, like maintenance status, maintenance progress inquiries, and reserve repairs.
  • Hardware settings: It offers quick access to many useful settings, including your fan profile, your battery health profile, noise cancelation, WiFi activation, and lots more. That's really useful, as you can enable, disable or change many different settings in a single click from your desktop.
  • Message Center: If you want to receive information about ASUS's new products, events, or promotions, you can subscribe to ASUS messages. Quite helpful to stay connected with ASUS services.
  • AppDeals: It provides you with popular apps, special offers, and a more secure way to personalize and improve your ASUS computer.
  • ASUS account: You will get basic membership services and the option to extend your warranty services.

How to use MyASUS?

Once installed, you will have immediate access to all the features we listed above. From the taskbar, you can access Home, Link to MyASUS, Customization, ASUS Promotion, Customer Support, ASUS One, Advanced Experience, User Center, and Settings.

Is it free?

Yes, it is totally free to use.

Is it safe?

MyASUS has no history of abusive data collection or leaks and contains no malware, so you can consider it safe to use.

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