Wise Disk Cleaner free for PC

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Wise Disk Cleaner is a tool that optimizes the computer performance by cleaning the items that clutter the hard drive. Indeed, this software can perform automatic deletion of unnecessary files.

What are the key features of Wise Disk Cleaner?

  • Cleaning: files generated during the installation and uninstallation of programs can take a lot of space in the disk and may even slow down the speed of execution of all tasks on the system. By cleaning these files, Wise Disk Cleaner helps to avoid this kind of issue.
  • Delete methods: Wise Disk Cleaner provides two modes to clean the hard drive. The Standard mode can help novices since it is endowed with a wizard and the default settings are kept. The Advanced mode is reserved to experienced users to customize the operation by manually selecting files to clean.
  • Display: Wise Disk Cleaner's editor has ensured that the program can be handled by all types of users. For this, it has been endowed with an intuitive interface that facilitates the initiation of all processes. In addition, a help tab is built for more information on its use.

Is it free?

Yes, Wise Disk Cleaner is a free program.

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