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  • Developer Harald B√∂geholz
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H2testw is an all-in-one standalone solution to verify the state of your storage devices and benchmark performance. Lightweight and safe, it will help you detect device issues and check everything is alright before using it.

What is H2testw?

Whether you just bought a new storage device or want to test an old one before using it, H2testw can thoroughly benchmark its performance and verify its state. In addition, H2testw is compatible with several device types and gives you control over whether you want a full scan or a light verification.

What are the key features of H2testw?

  • Benchmark: H2testw features an advanced benchmarking and testing algorithm to evaluate the state of the storage device, benchmark its writing and reading speed, detect unusual initialization times, and more.
  • Verify: It is also able to detect bad sectors and fake devices.
  • Interface: It comes with an all-in-one interface where you only need to select your device, pick the data volume, and launch your test. Easy.
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  • Compatibility: It can handle USB sticks, SD cards, and external hard drives seamlessly.
  • Lightweight and safe: Designed with performance in mind, it doesn't drain your computer's resources, so you can keep using it without a second thought. Besides, it doesn't write on your device if you don't want it to.
  • Portable: H2testw comes as a standalone utility you can carry wherever you want to test and benchmark all devices at will.
© H2testw

How to use H2testw?

  1. Connect the device you want to benchmark to your computer.
  2. Launch H2testw, click on Select Target, then select the device you want to verify.
  3. If you want to test all the data volume, select the All Available Space field—otherwise, type how many MByte you wish to test.
  4. To only verify your device, click on Verify. To benchmark and verify your device, click on Write + Verify.
  5. If you want to continuously verify your device, check the Endless Verify field before launching any process.
  6. Wait for the process to finish and consult the results.

Is H2testw free?

Yes, H2testw is free to use.

Is H2testw safe?

Yes, H2testw is considered safe to use.

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