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ChipEasy is the software you need if you ever want to get information about one of your removable devices.

Disclaimer: it seems that the publisher's website is closed and that the software is no longer supported. Thus, even though the version linked to this page is the latest to exist, it may no longer work on your computer or run with recurring error messages.

What is ChipEasy?

ChipEasy is a very useful tool to unravel the information of your USB device through a compact and exhaustive interface. Besides, it is very lightweight so you can carry it whenever you need and it will still work.

What are the key features of ChipEasy?

  • You can view information about your USB device, such as available space, manufacturer, serial number, model, version, maximum power or otherwise, etc.
  • You only have to connect your device so that the software immediately starts scanning your device and displays information instantly.
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How to use ChipEasy?

  1. Plug your USB stick into your computer.
  2. Once launched, ChipEasy will detect your USB stick.
  3. Select your device from the list, which will display all its information in the lower panel.

Is ChipEasy free?

You can download and use this product for free.

Is ChipEasy safe?

Yes, ChipEasy is considered safe.