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Among all the files stored on your computer, some of them may no longer serve. To get rid of them, you can use Temp File Cleaner. Its main goal is to remove temporary files from the local disks and save some space on the disc for other files. It is designed by ADD Software.

What is Temp File Cleaner?

Temp File Cleaner is a Windows solution designed to get rid of temporary files from your Windows PC. Every time a new application is installed or an update is performed, potential temporary files accumulate in your hard drive (and the app does not necessarily clean them).

The consequences of temp files may vary, from taking too much space to exposing you to unseen threats, as those files may contain sensitive information. As a consequence, regularly removing those files is always beneficial.

What are the key features of Temp File Cleaner?

  • Deleting: Temp File Cleaner's primary function is to remove unnecessary, temporary, or obsolete files, which may gain a reasonably substantial space on the PC. Once files are deleted, finding or restoring them later will be impossible.
  • Types of cleaned items: the program can delete cookies, browser history, and temporary files. In addition, it can also delete what remains from an uninstall process and all recent documents, cache files, and others.
  • Analysis: Temp File Cleaner can also perform a full scan of the computer or some readers. After the scan, it automatically removes unused files. Besides these features, the application can also empty the trash and display subsequently deleted items.
  • Optimization: after that, the computer system will be more optimized since HDD is freed from all temporary files. Internet browsing can also be increased thanks to this process. It is compatible with all major browsers, like Chrome, Firefox, IE, and Opera.
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How to use Temp File Cleaner?

  1. Launch Temp File Cleaner.
  2. From the Target Drive field, select the drive from which you want to delete temporary files.
  3. For each web browser, select if you want to delete temporary files related to Cache, Cookies, History, and Recent. For your System, select all the categories to clean.
  4. Select Test Run if you just want to evaluate the number of files that will be deleted.
  5. Click on Clean to remove the temporary files.

Is Temp File Cleaner free?

This free Temp File Cleaner is only a trial version. After it expires, you can purchase the full license from the official website. The pricing starts from $5.

Is Temp File Cleaner safe?

Yes, Temp File Cleaner is considered safe to use.

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