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  • Developer Micro-Star International
  • Version 4.6.5
  • License Freeware
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MSI Afterburner is an application that allows the configuration and monitoring of the parameters of your graphics card. Many users, especially in the gaming world, desire to be able to see the FPS while playing, modify fan speeds and improve the performance of their GPU, either through overclocking or downclocking. All of this is possible thanks to MSI Afterburner.

What are the key features of MSI Afterburner?

  • Simple interface: You will be welcomed by a clutter-free main panel, from which you have access to all the tweakable specifications of your graphics card.
  • MSI Afterburner OC scanner: OC scanner is a function that automatically finds the highest possible overclocking settings for your card. This allows you to safely overclock your GPU, without having to worry about causing harm.
  • Show performance in on-screen display: The MSI Afterburner overlay brings up an in-game overlay with interesting GPU statistics such as FPS, temperature fan speed etc.
  • Customizable profiles: You have the possibility to save your settings in different profiles. This way, you can select the best possible profile for the specific games you play.
  • Advanced monitoring: There is a MSI Afterburner CPU temp meter, a voltage meter, a clock speed meter, etc. The built-in hardware monitor shows real-time information about the most critical performance parameters.
  • Driver updater: Scan for available GPU driver updates and install them automatically with a single mouse click.

How to use MSI Afterburner?

As you know by now, MSI Afterburner can be used to make multiple changes to the configuration of your graphics card. On the MSI website you can find a useful manual that will take you through all of its functionalities. We also recommend you to check out the official MSI Afterburner tutorial video on YouTube:

Is it free?

MSI Afterburner is totally free software that can be used to monitor any graphics card, even the ones of other brands such as NVIDIA and AMD.

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