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FurMark is software specially designed to analyze the performance and stability of graphics cards. This program is very useful to overclocking enthusiasts, as it allows you to test if your card remains stable after having modified its parameters.

What are the key features of FurMark?

  • Stability test: FurMark simulates heavy use of the graphics card by forcing it to draw different shapes with a complex fur texture. This allows you to see the stability of your GPU when it is running at full throttle.
  • Benchmark: This function offers the possibility to compare the power of your graphics card against similar cards by means of a score. FurMark calculates an index based on the computational speed of your device.
  • Additional tools: FurMark comes integrated with three third-party programs named GPU-Z, GPU Shark and CPU Burner. These applications display detailed statistics related to your GPU. You will be able to discover the manufacturer, the model as well as various technical information.
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How to use FurMark?

The installation of FurMark is a piece of cake. Simply double-click the file after downloading it and follow the instructions that are being shown to you. From the app's home screen you can start the benchmark test of your choice. There are tests with predefined settings, as well as a test where you can select these parameters by yourself.

Is it free?

FurMark is a totally free-to-use software that can be used to benchmark graphics cards of any common GPU brand.

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