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  • Developer Core Temp
  • Version 1.17.1
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Core Temp is a free program that allows you to monitor your CPU core temperature. It shows the temperature of each core in every processor of your system and it can warn you when it reaches a dangerous level.

What are the key features of Core Temp?

  • Monitors CPU temperature: Core Temp lets you keep an eye on your processor and each core and gives you warnings if something is not right.
  • Temperature fluctuations: Core Temp shows you real-time temperature changes related to the varying workloads. You can then close some programs or remove the ones that make your processors warm too quickly.
  • Remote access: If you are away from your computer and it's performing a heavy download, you can still control how warm it is with the Core Temp Monitor app.

How does Core Temp work?

Core Temp monitors your CPU temperature in real-time and gives you hints if something goes wrong.

Is Core Temp free?

Yes, Core Temp is free to download and use.

Is Core Temp safe?

Core Temp software is virus-free and safe to download.

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