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Core Temp offers an all-in-one solution to accurately monitor all your cores' temperatures and provide hardware information through a well-designed interface. Besides, it works on all OS, supports a wide range of hardware, and is regularly updated.

What is Core Temp?

Core Temp is a powerful application specifically designed to measure and display in real time the temperature of your processor cores. This information is crucial to ensure optimal performance and prevent possible damage caused by overheating. With Core Temp, you can accurately monitor your CPU temperature and take preventive measures when necessary, such as adjusting cooling settings or shutting down demanding processes if critical temperatures are reached.

What are the key features of Core Temp?

  • Core temperature: As the main purpose of Core Temp, it retrieves your core's temperature through the DTS (Digital Thermal Sensor) implemented by most manufacturers. Hence, you can easily view each core's current, minimum, and maximum temperature, as well as the current workload.
  • Accuracy: As the DTS (Digital Thermal Sensor) is located at a strategic location to track your hardware temperature directly, it doesn't rely on any external circuit and is able to offer very accurate data.
  • Processor information: You will get various pieces of information, including model, platform, frequency, VID, revision, CPUID, Lithography, and TDP. Plus, you can see the number of Cores (physical cores) and Threads (logical cores).
  • Interface: As it offers a single interface, you can quickly take a look at all the information.
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  • Broad compatibility: It supports an impressive list of processors from AMD, Intel, and VIA, making sure it smoothly runs on all hardware. Besides, it is regularly updated to stay at the head of the curve and maintain compatibility.
  • Supported OSs: It flawlessly works on computer OSs, including Windows, macOS X, and Linux. But what's stunning is that it also works on Android and iOS, allowing you to use Core Temp on most devices.
  • Works with all motherboards: Core Temp is designed to be motherboard agnostic, meaning it will work regardless of your motherboard model.
  • Add-ons: Several add-ons are available to pimp the default interface and bring more colors, but there are also technical ones to allow applications to connect to Core Temp over a network and receive updates on your processor's status or to use it as a SystemInfo script.

How to use Core Temp?

  1. Core Temp is easy and intuitive to use. Once installed, you can launch it, and it will instantly retrieve all the info.
  2. If you want to pimp your experience using add-ons, consult the official Core Temp Add-Ons page and find what's best for you.
  3. Consult the dedicated Supported Processors page to get the exhaustive list of supported hardware components.

Is Core Temp free?

Yes, Core Temp is completely free, so that you can download and use it at no cost. However, if you find it useful, consider donating to the developers to support their ongoing work and future updates.

Is Core Temp safe?

Yes, Core Temp is safe to use, and it has been widely tested and used by millions of users worldwide. Still, ensure you download it from a reliable source, like the one we provide you at the top of this page.

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