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MP3 Cut is a program intended to cut MP3 files into several parts. This is particularly useful for creating a phone ringtone or deleting some useless parts from your audio files.

What are the key features of MP3 Cut?

  • Cutting: MP3 Cut is a useful tool for cutting MP3 files into several segments with the same or different lengths. If you just want to get one file as a final result, you just have to mark the start and the endpoint and the software does the rest.
  • Tags: MP3 Cut features a function that allows you to write ID3, ID3v2, and APE tags in your freshly split MP3 files. If they are already available in any source, you can process them by an easy copy/paste function to save time.
  • Batch process: moreover, MP3 Cut supports batch processing enabling you to split several MP3 files at once. An SSE technology is used by the software and is the main explanation for its speed while launched in a multicore computer.
  • User-friendly interface: MP3 cut offers you Windows Explorer-like interface for making its use easy. Thanks to that, you can search and manage your files without too much effort. And to top it off, you can import files to cut with a simple drag and drop with a mouse.

How to use it?

It is easy to use the program: you just need to import the audio file, choose the part that you’d like to cut, crop or trim, and save the final result.

Do I lose sound quality when cutting the audio?

Unfortunately yes, when you cut an MP3 file, you lose some quality. To keep the sound quality of your audio when cutting it, try MP3 Cutter Joiner program from the same developer.

Is MP3 Cut free?

Yes, the software is completely free of charge.

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