Google Toolbar for Internet Explorer free for PC

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  • Developer Google
  • Version 7.5.4209.2358
  • License Freeware
  • Language en

To improve Internet Explorer's performance, Google developed Google Toolbar for Internet Explorer. This software offers a set of features that are detailed below.

Note: Google Toolbar is no longer available for installation. Instead, you can download and install Google Chrome.

What are the key features of Google Toolbar?

  • Quick access to search engine: Google Toolbar for Internet Explorer automatically places itself on IE's toolbar to provide faster access to Google search engine. Therefore, searching for information on the Internet will be much easier. In addition, it is possible to use the Google search engine from any page you are browsing. Thus, it is no longer necessary to go to the Google home page for a search.
  • Showing Page Rank of websites visited: this also allows us to see the Page Rank of each page visited. One can immediately see in this case if the site you visit is interesting or not.
  • Adding favorites: thanks to this feature, Google Toolbar for Internet Explorer's users can easily add a visited website as a favorite or not. This can be done in a single click.
  • Mailing: if you have to look at your mailbox urgently, this can also be done via a single click on Google Toolbar for Internet Explorer's adequate button on its interface.
  • Translation: Google Toolbar for Internet Explorer provides a translation for pages you are visiting written in another language. In addition, it is also featured with a spell checker, which facilitates our research on the Internet.

Is it free?

Yes, Google Toolbar for Internet Explorer is free to use. 

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