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  • Developer AdlemGames
  • Version 1.4
  • License Freeware
  • Language en

Jump into the vibrant world of Bounce Tales, a modern remake of Nokia's classic. Navigate Bounce, a lively red ball, through a fantasy world with a twist. Enhanced graphics, intuitive controls, and high-quality music bring this platformer to life. Face the challenge as the world shifts, with once-friendly inhabitants turned foes by a hypnotic cube. It's a journey of action, fun, and mystery all rolled into one!


  • Core gameplay: A 2D side-scrolling platformer focused on overcoming obstacles, solving puzzles, and reaching goals through levels. Throughout your adventure, you will jump, bounce, collect items, and navigate through hoops and doors. Oh, and for extra fun, it's time-based.
  • Combined challenges: Bounce Tales creatively blends static and dynamic obstacles to enrich the gameplay. You'll encounter static yellow spikes known as "candles" and mobile, spiky blue objects dubbed "spiders." These elements require strategic navigation, adding layers of difficulty and engagement to each level. The game's design ensures that overcoming these obstacles is not just about avoiding enemies but also involves solving puzzles and strategically utilizing the game environment to progress.

  • Dynamic environments: The journey includes water areas that alter your ball behavior and various level-specific features.
  • Level progression: You can unlock levels by collecting gold nuggets; additional level packs are available.
  • Lives system: You start your adventure with three lives. Keep your eyes peeled for those light blue balls - snagging them boosts your lives up to five. It's like finding extra chances to bounce back from tricky situations!

© Bounce Tales
  • Checkpoint champions: As you leap and bounce through levels, you'll spot yellow rhombus checkpoints. These are your saviors, locking in your progress so you can breathe easy. No need to redo all your hard work if you slip up!

  • Movement enhancements: Ready for some high-flying action? Grab those speed and anti-gravity boosts for a wild ride - they'll skyrocket your speed and even let you defy gravity! Moreover, those blue blocks are your trampoline for sky-high bounces. Get ready to soar!

  • Think, adapt, overcome: Here's where it gets spicy! Hit specific spikes, and watch as your ball transforms, either bulging up or slimming down. It's not just for the show, as it changes how you play! Plus, those trapped ball areas will test your wits and agility. Strategize your moves to bounce out triumphant.

© Bounce Tales

Graphics and sound

Bounce Tales offers 2000-like simple graphics with revamped quality music, providing a very entertaining experience.

Duration and game modes

It features a single-player mode you can enjoy for a couple of hours, depending on your skill level.

What do the reviews say?

As a remake of an old mobile game, there are no official reviews. Still, it's a very popular remake that has been downloaded thousands of times, and that got a top-tier grade on Google Play.

Age rating


Bounce Tales is rated PEGI 3.

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