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  • Developer RobTop Games
  • Version 2.11
  • License Commercial
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Geometry Dash is a platformer-runner-music video game where you control a cube that must make its way through various levels by bouncing and avoiding all the obstacles. Moreover, the game features crazy graphics and a superb ost that will make you get in the flow. Challenge your skills and try to get the highest score in all levels.


  • Simple controls: You only need a single key or mouse button to play this game. The question is, will you succeed in hitting that single button at the right pace with agility and speed. If you hit any obstacle, you will fail and start from scratch at the beginning of the level.
  • Many different challenges: You will have to complete many missions within various levels, each of which will bring new challenges and surprises, including switching from a cube to a rocketship inverse gravity and more. When you complete a level, you will earn coins, stars, fragments of power, diamonds, keys, and orbs you will use in the game.
  • A large number of difficulty levels: You will be able to adjust the difficulty level of your experience depending on your skill level, ranging from Easy to Demon. You will unlock many of them as you earn secret coins.
  • Level editor: You can create and share your own levels with the community. There are 21 official levels, and players make tons of others.
  • The music: The soundtrack really brings the experience to the next level as it goes to the rhythm of the obstacles and makes you feel powerful and entirely in the flow.
  • Different designs: Each level has its aesthetic always to offer you a new experience.
  • A great community: A large community has grown up over the years. It offers excellent support and updates to improve the game constantly.
  • The in-game store: The store allows you to purchase different vehicles, wakes, colors, and effects to fully pimp your experience the way you want and be stylish.

Graphics and sound

Even though Geometry Dash graphics are only composed of simple geometric shapes like cubes or triangles, the whole aesthetics is very well polished and full of crazy and beautiful effects. Moreover, the game features an ost and lots of audio feedback that aim to serve the rhythm of the gameplay. The graphics and sound shine in their simplicity and degree of finish.

Duration and game modes

Geometry Dash does exclusively offer a single-player experience. Because the game can be pretty demanding and challenge your skill at some point, it includes a practice mode that allows you to train and hone your focus and practice skills.

You are likely to spend 14-16 hours on average if you only focus on the main objectives. However, count hundreds of hours if you dare to strive for 100% completion.

What do the reviews say?

Geometry Dash has been rated 8.6/10 by users on Metacritic. It is a good game, so give it a try without a second thought.

”Geometry Dash is a really good and extremely challenging game. While it can get a bit frustrating sometimes, you can always complete the stages using the practice mode and then jump into the many different user-generated levels.” (Softpedia)

Age rating

The game has not been rated with any PEGI label. But you can very safely consider it suitable for all audiences.

Is Geometry Dash hard?

Geometry Dash gameplay mechanics are very simple, as you only need to navigate up and down the levels while avoiding obstacles, things getting harder and harder as the pace increases. The more you play a level, the more addictive it becomes so does your understanding of how the level articulates.

The game difficulty gradually increases to ensure you understand all the pace and gravity modifiers. However, it still becomes really challenging and difficult as you dive into the darkness of the Demon levels.

What is the hardest level in Geometry Dash?

As of now, Acheron is considered the hardest Demon level in Geometry Dash. Inspired by another hard level titled Tartarus, Acheron is famous for being very demanding throughout the level, combining lots of portals, change of pace, low visibility over the obstacles, flash effects, and a very low tolerance for errors.

When did Geometry Dash come out?

Geometry Dash was first released on 13 August 2013 on iOS and Android. The Steam version was later released on 22 December 2014.

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