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Jetpack Joyride is an arcade jetpack game developed and published in 2011 by the video game studio Halfbrick studio. In Jetpack Joyride, you will have to go as further as you can and make as many points as possible. Jetpack Joyride is available on many platforms including Android, iOS, PS4, and more. Come and try to beat the Jetpack Joyride world record in this one-button game where a human and jetpack are all one.


  • Gameplay: The gameplay is based on a one-button mechanic, when you press anywhere on the screen your jetpack fires and you rise, on the other hand when you let go the jetpack turns off and you fall. You control only your vertical speed, the horizontal speed is driven by the game. The objective is to go as far as possible on each level while avoiding various hazards including laser beams, missiles, zappers, and more!

  • The lucky spinner: Once you die you can either spend your earned token to the lottery or cash them in. If you dared try the lucky spinner you will have a chance to win a prize including Final Blast, Double Coins on your next runs, and many more. If you choose to safely cash in your tokens each one will earn you 50 coins.

  • Spend your coins: Once you have enough coins you will be able to spend them on the shop to unlock new jetpacks, items, upgrades, and clothes. Note that gadgets and vehicle upgrades are permanent, utilities offer benefits for a single-use.

  • Enhance and customize your equipment: In Jetpack Joyride you will be able to buy up to 18 different gadgets that will modify the gameplay in different ways and also have specific and delightful graphical effects once equipped. For example, the Nerd Repellent prevents scientists from appearing and makes tumbleweeds grow instead. By default, you can only equip up to 2 gadgets.

  • Use crazy vehicles: By grabbing a colored gear icon that appears randomly you will get a random vehicle among the following ones: Bad as Hog (It can jump but not fly, any passing scientists are shot), Crazy Freaking Teleporter (game-changer: the teleporter stays at a fixed height, a reticule moves up and down and each tap will make it teleport to the reticule position), Lil’ Stomper (This is as mech suit which can jump and hover), Mr.Cuddles (A dragon head, the one-button mechanic is reversed and tapping the screen make it move downward), Profit Bird (you will have to quickly tap the screen to make it fly), and Gravity Suit (the gravity will be reversed).

  • Customize your character: Even though it won’t offer you any enhancements you can customize your look with various costumes and fly with the coolest jetpacks.

  • Level up and complete missions: During each game, you will be provided with three missions, each mission’s difficulty level ranges from 1 to 3 stars such as avoiding coins for a given distance, or flying close to a certain number of zappers. When you complete a mission, its associated stars are stacked to your character’s experience level and new missions become available. Once you have enough experience to level up you will earn a coin as a reward. Once level 15 is reached you will have to choose to either continue the game without any more missions or trade your level 15 stars to unlock new missions. Hone your skills and earn badges as you cash in your stars to show other players you complete a specific set of missions.

  • Compete with other players: While you hone your skills in the game you will see that there is an online leaderboard where players are ranked. What if you were the next Jetpack Joyride best player in the world?

Age rating

The game is rated PEGI 7. It contains soft violence.

Is Jetpack Joyride free?

Jetpack joyride is free on mobile. However the game can be paid for on consoles or other platforms, it costs $2.99 on PS Store. The game contains in-app purchases.

What are the system requirements for Jetpack Joyride?

  • Operating system: Android 4.4 or later

  • Storage: 170 MB.

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