Where to Download Mobile Apps for Your Smartphone

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This article regroups the various online platforms specialized in the distribution of mobile applications for your smartphone. Downloading from those sites will minimize the risk of downloading malware, and it is, therefore, the recommended option.

Where to Download Mobile Apps

For Android devices, users should download their applications from the Google Play Store.

iOS users will be able to locate thousands of apps through the Apple App Store.

BlackBerry App World is where users can locate BlackBerry-friendly applications, and Windows Phone users can look to the Windows Store for theirs.

HP WebOS users should consult the company's App Catalog, Symbian customers should head over to Nokia's Ovi Store, and Ubuntu mobile users should look to the provider's official website.

In addition to official mobile providers, there are a bunch of reliable websites where you can find secure app downloads. For example, the Opera Mobile Store, Firefox Marketplace, and CCM's Download section all contain a large variety of applications.

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