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Halloween on Animal Crossing: New Horizons

Halloween is fast approaching and our favourite Switch game is also embracing the holiday. Yes, islanders on Animal Crossing: New Horizons are getting festive and celebrating Halloween! From an event on the 31st of October to costumes, candies, decorations and characters, Animal Crossing is going all out and we’ve got the details. Read on for the good stuff.

Halloween Event on October 31st

Much like the Sunday firework events that have featured throughout the year for various celebrations, Halloween is also going to be a big event on Animal Crossing: New Horizons this year. The Halloween spooktakular event will take place from 5PM til midnight local time on 31st October and all villagers will gather in the Halloween-decorated plaza. You can exchange candy, admire the pumpkins and sparkling lights and even enjoy a visit from the ‘Czar of Halloween’ a.k.a. Jack! Note that you can earn a lot of Candy by talking to villagers indoors in your costume.

Halloween Theme Comes to Town

For the whole month of October, Nook’s Cranny will look a little different and you will see lots of autumnal and Halloween inspired objects on offer. Carved pumpkins, scary seats and pumpkin headed scarecrows are just some of the new seasonal decor that you will find. You should definitely check in daily to be sure not to miss any of the special-themed offerings.

You can also buy pumpkin seeds in order to grow your own pumpkins. Pumpkins will take four days to grow and you’ll have a super production if you water them everyday. You can then use your pumpkins for DIY Halloween themed recipes or as decorations.

Halloween Characters

Jack is the Czar of Halloween and he certainly looks the part kitted out in his purple robe and giant pumpkin head. You’ll receive a mail from him about the Halloween update and he’ll be looking to trade creepy furniture (think spooky Halloween deco) in exchange for candy with you. Be warned though, if you don’t give him candy he’ll pull a prank on you!

Halloween Body Paints and Costumes

Of course probably the most fun part of Halloween is getting dressed up in a spooky costume and Animal Crossing is no different. There is a huge offering available starting with new skin tones and eye colours which you can switch between by interacting with any mirror. For a truly authentic creepy appearance, pick from the new skin tones which include ghost white, zombie green, monster blue, and potion purple. For some zany eyes you can choose between pink, orange, yellow, neon pink, a light grey, and teal. To access all of these options, users will have to use their Nooks Miles to buy the Body-Paint Costume Tips and Exploring New Eye Colors options at the kiosk in Resident’s Services.

Of course a selection of new costumes are available to purchase including Mage’s Dress at Able Sister’s shop. The collection ranges from cute to scary and also changes daily so make sure to check in regularly in order to get the best choices. You can also copy Jack 'the Czar' and add his costume to your collection. You simply need to give him lollipops. It’s worth noting that some special costume items such as wings, backpacks etc can only be purchased at Kicks store. So be sure to visit the shoe and bag salesman when you see him in the plaza.

Candy For Halloween

In the glass cabinet in Nook’s Cranny, you can buy one piece of special Halloween candy daily during the whole month of October. You can of course eat it, but we also recommend saving a little stash for the Halloween event for gifting to other islanders or trading with Jack. Don’t forget to maximise your buying potential, by travelling to other islands to buy candy there too.

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A few words of thanks would be greatly appreciated.

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