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Real Player - Unable to download Youtube, DailyMotion... videos

Real Player allows users to record and download videos from popular multimedia internet sites such as YouTube or DailyMotion by right clicking over the video being played. If the option to download video is missing from Real Player, the issue could be related to the configuration of Real Player, the internet browser being used or other programs installed in the system. The RealPlayer Download and Record Plugin must be enabled in the browser. Software like IDM or Internet Download Managers interfere with the Real Player settings, and configurations must be checked for these. Once the configurations are set correctly, Real Player should be able to record and download videos from the internet.


I've installed Real Player (latest version) and did check all the options during installation, however when I run my mouse over a video on Youtube or Dailymotion, the button to download the video doesn't appear!


  • Start Real Player
  • Go to tools/preference/category/downloading and recording
  • Check "enable downloading and recording from the Web"
  • Check "only by passing your mouse over the music video" to call up the "save this video" button

Browser issue

  • The problem may be due to your browser!!
  • Launch Internet Explorer, go to the right of the search toolbar, click on Tools, then Internet Options. Now click the Programs tab and then "Manage Add-ons"
  • Search for RealPlayer Download and Record Plugin, publisher RealNetworks, Inc. and enable it.

From now on you can download videos on Youtube or Dailymotion

IDM installed

It should be noted that if you have IDM installed on your PC, then by default, Realplayer Download will be disabled.

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