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VLC - subscribe to podcasts

A podcast is an audio and video digital multimedia file that can be downloaded directly from the internet and used for playback on your personal computer or mobile device. VLC is a multi-purpose media player software, which supports video and audio formats like MP3, MP4, CD, DVD, etc. This multimedia player software allows you to subscribe to podcasts to automatically add new content to your playlist. To subscribe to a podcast, open the VLC player, activate the playlist interface. Click on (+) button in the podcasts section of the media browser. A "subscribe" window will come up, in which you have to enter the URL of the desired podcast. VLC retrieves the information for the feeds and the podcasts will soon be displayed.

VLC allows you to subscribe to podcasts and here's what to do:
  • Open VLC
  • Go to View > Playlist (or do a CTL + L) to activate the playlist interface.
  • LHS, in the Media Browser section, scroll to Internet >Podcast.
  • Click on the small (+) button in the Podcast section.
  • A small "Subscribe" window shall open.
  • Simply paste the URL of the podcast (you can add multiple URLs).
  • Click on the OK button
  • Wait for VLC to retrieve the necessary information for the feeds (this may take some minutes depending on your internet connection).
  • And there you are, the podcasts are now displayed.
  • Double click on an item to play it
  • To remove a podcast simply click on the (-) sign next to the latter in the Media Browser section.

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