VLC video player suddenly has no sound

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I have been using my VLC media player to play video recordings for a project I am working on. Everything has worked great, but suddenly, while listening and watching a video file, the sound stopped playing. I thought it was a problem with the recording at first, but I went back to the part i'd just been listening to and now it has no sound either.
So it seems to be a problem with the media player.
I did already check audio preferences and my S/PDIF box is already unchecked.
My sound on my keyboard is turned all the way up, and the audio isn't muted (at least no check by the "muted" on the audio menu.
I hope someone knows what to do. I'm bewildered!!! Hope someone can help. Thanks in advance!
The files are MTS files but I doubt that that matters. I've always been able to hear the sound on these files before.

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ok found this today vlc had no sound while it was playing tap on the volume icon on the task bar while something was playing then I got curios I tapped mixer and noticed a control with the file playing title it was muted in windows mixer unmuted works great I guess it's a glitch in the last windows update hope it works for you as it did me
Thank you

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That worked for me too Joe! thanks! saved me a call to HP:)
> Connirae
O it worked !
> Connirae
thanx buddy I love you...u r like god to me
> Connirae
@BBBBBEEEE..Thank you, you fixed my problem!!!!
You were spot on!...many thanks for suggesting such a simple fix!
Just go into settings and click on '
reset preferences
' down the bottom, that should work.
How do I open vlc media player after downloading?
Worked for me too! Thank you so much!!!
Amazing, dude!!! It started working better than before!!!
wow, were all problems this easy to solve. Thanks
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I tried all the suggestions in here, other than the Intel, which doesn't apply, and it seems my solution was just as simple.

I opened the control panel, clicked on the Sound option, and Windows said "
Enhancements for this audio device are causing problems - Disable
" - clicked yes for both devices and everything now works fine.
Thank you... It finally worked...
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holy smokes batman thanks for fixing my computer
open VLC > tools> preferences>audio > output module select waveout audio output> select speakers. save.
Thanks.....It worked for me.
Thanks, my problem has been solved
Works for me! THANKS
Awesome!! workes fine
thanx its working
Start playing a file on VLC.
Open Windows Mixer.
Scroll 'til you see the VLC icon.
Turn the volume up.
It's what I just did and it worked for me.
Thank you. You r a gem..... My prob solved.
Play a file in VLC.. no VLC in the mixers..
I have the same problem as Xross. VLC is not in the mixers
tried EVERYTHING else here and this worked....THANK YOUUUUU I feel so dumb...
click on Speaker icon, then click on Mixer, you will see volume mixer options, that is where you can check if the sound is muted.
I had the same problem. I tried everything, changing audio-codecs, reinstalling drivers, reinstalling VLC player, rebooting system to earlier specs. NOTHING worked... then I tried simply deaktivating the soundtrack inside vlc player and then activating it again, and boom, problem solved... just wish I have'nt used 2 hours when the solution was so simple.

I hope this helps some of you.
worked great
Where's the soundtrack inside VLC??
goto audio => audio device and check the active device in the list.
solved my problem though.
Audio > Audio Track > Disable: Then reanable.
worked for me as well thanks
Worked for exactly 5 seconds. Still have the problem. Tried everyhing above too.
Thank Paulger, for your suggestion. I'll do that!
I also just found that doing the opposite of what was recommended on another site actually fixed the problem for me. I CHECKED the box (in VLC Preferences . Audio) that says "Use S/PDIF when available"
Several people advised to UNCHECK that box. But mine was already unchecked so I just experimented to see if checking it would help and it did. That turned the sound back on for me.
Thanks again!
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@bewildered , to see that "use S/PDIF when available", go to Preferences, Audio, Output(click on the dropdown menu/tab and choose "Win32 waveOut extension output"

In my case it didnt solve the problem. :(
Thank you!! I just installed the Windows 8.1 update and this happened to me too. It worked for me so thanks :)
thank you soooooo much.
Thank you so much :)
@refisoecheon It worked... Thanks a ton

I activated, deactivated and activated the S/PDIF box and still can't get any sound. The mixer is fine. Files work with divx, but divx is crap since it doesn't launch movies by dbl clicking movie icons but instead opens up a divx browser from which you then need to find appropriate movie files. Vlc sound stopped woyking when some windows updates automatically uploaded. Worse than a virus!
Go to sound settings -> and select applications tab
Here they will show the current status of applications running
Simply enable the vlc player frm list. This worked fr me
experienced this as well and spent around two hours tinkering with all the options, it was finally solved after I muted then un-muted the audio. What a waste of two hours that was =))
Try this:

I ran into this problem while teaching my students. In between classes I worked on editing a movie and plugged my headphones in. When class started back up, I unplugged the headphones and went back to my speakers. No sound. I tried all of these options above one at a time, painstakingly making sure I followed every step correctly. Nothing. I restarted the computer. No sound.

After much aggravation, I decided to open up the movie I created to watch it. I had sound again. I closed the movie down, opened up my music files, and resumed business as usual.
Also, I did try closing the program and opening it again.
hi, try try to restart your pc/computer.... and after restarting your pc/computer
it may have sound :) enjoy your movie :)
See also the article : "Video Overlay settings at zero after changing scheme" from intel

This solved my problem. It was odd because I had audio but no video in ALL video players. It took me quite some time to figure mine out. And IT wasn't even a codec problem or anything wrong with the various players I tried to use.

Obviously my computer has a intel graphics driver, but you may have a similar problem. Worth a shot. I was switching schemes as I was using a HD TV as a second screen on extended settings and then switching back all the time of late.