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I've got a Dell Inspiron 1505 that suddenly won't start Windows XP. I get the Dell boot screen then it just goes blank (but is still back-lit). I can't do anything with it. I ran a diagnostics one-time boot (full) and it said everything was fine. I tried starting in safe mode and nothing happened. I tried to re-install Windows XP (which only started with a CD one time boot) and it got so far as "hit any key to start install" and after I hit a key it just went blank again. What is going on?
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Hi, I have a DELL Inspiron 1500 and when i turn it on it begins to start up but then it suddenly goes black, but it's back lit... there's nothing i can do about it, I've pressed every button! Please tell me what to do to make this work! I have Windows XP if that helps... Thank You

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Did you try doing a system restore of you system on safe mode?
how do u do a stsytm restore